Hybrid Idris

For those of you wondering how well Idris’s Hybrid build works on 3.8:

I should note that this was only a single test, and should probably be tested more, but I think that’s the build to go with. SG is replaceable with DE of course.


a single SM gives the dash? I wouldnt really recommend hybrid idris unless you unlock both perks

What’s the point? When CP Idris I don’t feel like you want to get close to take advantage of the on hit mana gain and cdr on A. The reason he is strong is because he can kite better than most WP AA based heroes with his AA. I guess the blink is nice but I feel like more damage would be better.

With infusion it does. Obv there’s no point in goin hybrid if you’re not gonna unlock both paths.

I really like it. because of his ability to kite, you can just jump in, get a few AAs off and your A is on a 3 second cooldown. the mobility and range combined is insane.