Hybrid builds!

Heya there, MacAulay here.

I, being the guy who only ever plays off-meta, have started picking up on hybrid builds. I know lot of people think they’re weak, and I can understand why - you’re mixing two seperate playstyles into one game.

However, in some cases, they allow new openings. Here’s a build I’ve tried, and have had a lot of fun with.

Who doesn’t like this guy’s rare talent, allowing you to have both divergent paths? Well lets do that in standard modes too. you’ve probably tried it; slapping a Sorrowblade on CP Idris, with variable success. But look at the current numbers: you only need 100 WP to unlock his passive, not the 125 it once was, and certainly not the 150 of a Sorrowblade. So here’s my build.

Alternating Current, Dragon’s Eye, Spellsword, Halcyon Chargers, Aegis, Metal Jacket.

Spellsword provides you with the 100 WP you need, and also has some nice cooldown. Admittedly not as much as Clockwork, but for the buffs gained, that little drop can be worth it. Depending on the situation, Dragon’s eye, or either of the defensive items, can be interchanged for a Shatterglass.

I was gonna add others, but I realise they’re a lot less viable than they used to be. Kestrel used to be a favourite of mine, now I still play her, but can’t get the Hybrid build to work. Maybe someone can enlighten me. Baron was another, but since they changed his B, it’s not worth it anymore. I have plans to try Lance, just to be able to give him more stun time.

There is always that “Glowy hands” build. A combination of the items that make your hero’s hands glow: Tension Bow and Aftershock (yes I know AC does it too but that’s beside the point here). I’ve seen it a bit, On Fortress, Alpha and Taka especially. It might work on Lance. It’ll probably work on Tony.

If you’ve made it this far through my boring chatter, well done. tell me what you think. tbh I’m expecting a load of “it’s not meta it’s shit” replies, and I can understand it. But I’m hoping I find some off-meta bros, the WP Baptistes and Carry Flickers. Not Captain Blackfeathers tho. That’s going too far.


captain bf used to be viable, though.
rip rose trail

also, tb as tm grace is viable since 2.7

you like offmeta? sawport is highly recommended (high skill cap, ofc)


I usually get a Sorrow blade for Cp Baron, to reduce the jump delay.
You’ll never get caught out.
Frost burn for the slow, clock work for the constant motars… It takes some serious ballz to engage a skilled hybrid Baron…
Then fill the rest with shatter glass (double optional) spell fire and Jb.

And rip slow on BFs B…

I forgot to mention glowy hands works on Grace too.

Also, SAWport is where it’s at.

Yeah, but they changed the jump so the difference is no longer so big. It’s still useful to have SB tho.

Not the best idea, but I have played shock lance, throw in TB, AS maybe a SC/SS/CW for the cooldown and you’ve got a CC monster in your hands who hits hard.

Honestly hybrid builds will become the metsain 5v5

Try Dragon Eye Breaking Point krul

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sounds fun. will do. Even tho I cannot play Krul to save my life.

hmmmm… Imma guna try that on BF… Taka…


I’m sceptical, hybrids builds are hero or situational at best. What advantage do they offer over raw CP/WP DMG?

Versitility, is what they offer. Back when 3v3 was the only mode it made sense to specalize in builds, but in 5v5 you have a much wider range of situations. For example a captain and jungler have to become a mix of either cp/support or wp/support. While laners need to be more versitile in dealing damage in teamfighting. Now i admit hybrid carry isn’t going to work for every hereo, but it will become popular in 5v5

So you mean hybrid lane/supports? Not hybrid CP/WP builds?

For carries i mean hybrid cp/wp for captains and junglers i see them melding into hybrids

Okay I don’t ever see this being a thing, you’ll lose on ratios or items such as BP stacks etc. Sure the old shock build TB/AS works with some hero’s but late game raw CP/WP DMG wins out over these build thanks to hero inbuilt ratios.

I do however believe roams will become more relevant as a source of DMG. a cooldown AS Catherine for instance is a bloody pain in the arse, lots of DMG and high sustain make her dangerous even 1v1 for a laner.

Not really a fan of hybrid builds due to the drop in damage, but the tb/as proc build is pretty viable in 5v5.

tbh, because they’re fun. I like experimenting with the game. While just building the meta builds every match will get you to vainglorious more quickly, it’s far more exiting to try out your own ideas.

Also, split damage. in a lane, it can force your opponent to buy double defence when they were only going to get one. this can lower their damage output a lot and give you the advantage.

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Yeah they’re not going to split defence they’re going to own you because they’ll have superior DPS.

Only three items that are viable, SS,AS and TB and I agree the can be fun as off meta builds and in some instances are viable on certain hero’s but there’s a reason they’re not meta, they’re not good!

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ignore how shit my farm is.

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Sawport is one of my favorite off meta roles. Good early game aggression paired with a strong slow and a dash to apply atlas. Plus I think his ult does percentage damage which makes it semi useful at times? (It used to be not sure if it’s sense changed.)