Hybrid Adagio Mid lane

I have been dabbling with a good hybrid Adagio build and I think I have found what I wanted.

3 CP items pick which ones you like.

Superscout for vision cd and hp
Crucible for hp and rb
Wartreads as best hp boots.

You have two heal sources crystal and hp.
You provide team vision and counter ganks on your midlane.

Your high hp makes you more sturdy. If someone dives you do gof+crucible+flask followed by Verse of judgement and make them regret ever engaging you.

This would also work in a captainless team with double junglers.

Tell me what you think.

Frostburn is an option to slow enemies when your team isn’t fast. With FB and WT you can guarantee a team engage amd throw in a Verse to stun enemies.

I prefer hp over defense also because your ultimate fortifies your hp based on your hp cap.
I was able to hunt an enemy taka who could not run away because I ruined every kaku of his.


Nice. Would you say this works better with a backup captain, or does it not matter?

Someone with a fountain and a superscout is fine.

You can hold midlane solo even under high pressure. This frees up jungler and captain to pressure bot and top

@BiggyFoot. The Adagio main

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Why get SF?Which of his abilities activates the DoT and Mortal wounds?

I’ve had a few of these on my team recently and it went really well! The Verse does great damage and for some reason catches more people than I expected, every time, lol.


Gift of fire does. Verse does too. I wanted to stop my enemies from healing.

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It is because the verse radius and his fortified hp were buffed rather heavily.

I’d ditch the frost burn and build AC and SG/DE with the SF. You need the attack speed to clear the lane. Besides you’ve got a slow on your B if needed. Hybrid works well, but I’d prefer it down top lane personally, mid lane really needs to be a DMG monster in my opinion.

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AC SF DE/SG crucible wartreads superscout.

Benefit of mid lane you can support others after clearing your own lane your mobility is improved by the river.

Also like I said Adagio can hold midlane solo without help much better than most heroes. Superscout over CW makes you ungankable providing cd and hp which we both want.

I see no downsides. Get the crystal buff and an infusion and you still are a cp monster!


I think genuine CP carries will out damage you late game.

Don’t get me wrong I think a utility hybrid adagio can and does work. Look up Gabevizzle on YouTube, he played just this role recently and he was a monster.

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I think duel hybrid support/junglers are viable now. Provided both are coordinated in the approach.

Like one jungler go with a fountain and the other with a crucible. That way all your utility doesn’t die with one person, which is often time the primary frontline.

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I think we need more consistent language.
Hybrid = CP/WP mix
Semi-Carry = CP or WP with Utility items

Tensionshock is a hybrid build.
This OPs Adagio with CP and utility items is a semi-carry.

Support/Carry Healing carry would be more correct.

I’d rather have DE than FB tbh but healing while the enemies have mortal wound is the best thing ever. This is like Lyra’s Imperial Sigil with Spellfire lol

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