Huge glitch in friends list

My friend and I are sitting right next to each other on vainglory but it doesn’t show we are online even though we are added on each other’s list, it just shows offline. The same is with friends we share, he can see certifian people online but in mine it says offline, and vise versa.
Is this a new bug or something? Please help

Actually something similar happens with me.
Sometimes the guild chat doesn’t appear and the notifications of members inviting me to play appears too late, and it’s not the internet bc my internet, for now, is going very well.

Uh… one of you hasn’t updated the game.

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I think friend chat and notification for starred friend have trouble from some previous updates. I dont know if this bug has already fixed or not. This makes me missed a lot of invites from my friends.

Make sure you’ve both updated to the latest version of vainglory. Since 3.0 the game doesn’t force you to update anymore, so you could still be on an older version.

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Actually they said you are gonna be forced to update

that doesn’t happen immediately. people on the old version won’t see people on the new version, all lag aside.