How's Vainglory been?

Honest question, what’s it been like these past weeks?


Aggravating. The game itself is not that bad but matchmaking is so terrible and que times are way too long. SEMC has to honestly delete some modes. I’d delete 3v3 casual and have BR and blitz rotate with each other on what’s available instead of having both active. I don’t care what they do but something seriously has to be done with these que times and bad matchmaking.


I agree with you. My one main problem since my comeback to play VG again (because of 5v5 hype) is the que times. It’s really different to the past VG where you can get opponent in less than 20 seconds interval (less than 10 seconds sometimes). Now, it is way too long for most of the time. It could take almost 5 minutes to find some opponents. It’s devastating, imo.


5v5 is fine. I enjoy playing it as long as I have someone good and the enemy team doesn’t have Kestrel. Kinetic, Kestrel, Fort and Reza are usually the highest priority bans. Other than those four, nobody is particularly game-destroying. Phinn is OP.

3v3 is terrifying. Gold leads seemingly spring up out of nowhere and a full gold mine is almost a guaranteed GG. Nobody knows the meta. Things can be broken one game and trash the next. Games are almost entirely decided by the drafting phase. Reza is pretty OP.


Too many people still plays 3v3 casual to be able to delet that mode.

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This is too true. 3v3 is hell right now along with Malene being ridiculously OP in that mode

They can’t fix both. I’d settle for long que times for better match making ANY DAY.

too many newbies ruining the experience. Can we agree to stop complaining about que times and just complain about BAD MATCHMAKING ? complaining about both is like wanting the whole cake and not share.

it is this very complaint from the masses that is Forcing SEMC to think about fixing both and thus, in the process, end up with half-arsed matchmaking and bearable que times (somewhat). JUST FIX MM. forget about que times~!!!

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I can’t bring myself to play 3v3. There are so many things that make me dislike it.

I think 5v5 is really good. There are a lot of viable heroes and even Capt decision making can lead to wins.

The matchmaker is excellent for pulling people near your tier, but it’s going to take 3-5 mins for a match. I think the wait is worth the quality.

But I still don’t have good match ups in every mode besides 5v5 ranked. Clearly the longer que times are not giving me a better match experience. If that was the case I wouldn’t complain but fact of the matter is I get bad matches in every single mode besides 5v5 ranked. I also don’t see the problem in having a good match experience without having to wait forever? Why shouldn’t I want both?

because it sends the wrong message to SEMC.
que times will naturally improve over time when more players join.
Bad MM, however, can only be engineered to be better from good programming. if they make the programming poor in order to cater for long que times, everybody suffers.

Think long term, not short term. Wanting both is what everybody wants. it’s instant gratification, another concept I don’t want to go too in-depth about and on and on trying to explain.

Yeah but if more players aren’t joining they should try to appeal to the players who are here. And that means shorter que times like I said before I think they need to delete some modes for the better.

you clearly don’t understand. if a game of 5v5 needs 10 players and only 9 are online. how does that speed up que?

according to your logic, they should just make the game a 4v5, so you don’t need to wait.

according to MY logic, they should improve the game to such a point, that players actually WANT to join and BE active. Thus there would be NO NEED to fix que times.

It’s a rollercoaster. :confused:

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It’s worse Cp Vox. Also, I don’t feel like 3v3 is that bad.

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Your definitely not gonna get everyone to be on the same page. People want both decent matching and decent que times. Having one better and the other bad and players will complain and probably leave. They can’t focus on just one, both need to be worked on even if it means they’re both mediocre

it’s a fall back tactic.
if the game grew to the likes of AoV or LoL’s player base, que times wouldn’t even be an issue.
Needing to adjust MM to make que times faster is basically saying “We suck so bad that nobody wants to join and actually try this game”.

There are only so many combinations of games MM can make, with those players. Players aren’t connected to each other. Each player has their own LIFE schedule. Every time you scream at MM for making you wait 30 minutes - somebody is casually making their dinner, working, studying and slowly but surely… casually tap on “play” and get’s a match, maybe.

Taking away game modes will only make the game even more unappealing than it already is, so i’m not even going to buy into that ridiculous idea.
Such thinking is what I call “Queen of the Universe” thinking. it will only happen if you somehow OWN semc, and the world, and mind control each and every person on earth to like only 1 mode of playing.

You can’t change how people enjoy the game. You can however, change the game to appeal to a wider audience and bring more active players in. You should be thankful for MORE game modes, not less. For some players, it’s the only way they actually keep any interest in the game.

TLDR: there is no short cut to make que times better and still achieve good MM. Just like the dismal Esports scene, it has to be a product of a great game that people want to be apart of.

What is SEMC going to employ the same tactic as how they made it as a Esports moba? how about they start paying players to play? each time you win a ranked match you get $5 real life dollars. Wouldn’t that be great. it would totally work as well. I can already hear you yell out “HELL YEAH”. “DO IT”… sorry, but the world just doesn’t work that way.

Make the game GREAT. success will just flow naturally.


I definitely wasn’t agreeing with the idea brought up of getting rid of a mode, 3v3 is the mode I play in vg. But if que times increased even if it meant way better match ups, I wouldn’t bother with such long ques when I can pick up another moba for that itch as others would too.

What we have now I’m fine with, it can be better and sure hope they are making it better even if slowly for both aspects. I’m not asking for shortcuts, I sure don’t want one compromised for the other just so one problem is solved quickly. Continuing doing so I think is fine.

I didn’t say that. You clearly don’t understand that I keep saying I want SEMC to delete modes so more players will flock to the modes that are available. Please stop replying if you can not understand that.

and what if “they” don’t “flock” to the modes available?

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