How's the VG condition right now?

I’ve been busy for the past 2 months, are the new players coming because of PC port? does the new event really retain old inactive players?

are there still horrible matchmaking happening?

I would like to give a coherent answer to this, but first I will have to dig out the emotional salines created by match-making.

Perhaps it’s about time to at least rename it to MMM [mis-match-making]?

Though I have to admit that mostly refers to the Casual solo-queue experience. 3vs3 Ranked MM has been surprisingly solid for me, though the sample-size is very small.

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dude. 2 months is nothing. give it 2 years, maybe … just maybe, things will change.

(it’s not really nothing, but SEMC slowness makes it feel that way)…

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I played a lot of matches of battle royal recently , and I got matched with guest accounts , the usual is (Guest_random numbers) from 8 to 9 numbers .

Recently I got matched with people got (Guest_Enumbers) there was an E letter before the numbers and that’s new for me , which means the game is getting a lot of new players .

If you are talking about horrible MM, it’s in Casual. Basically, Chaos Q, which was supposed to be a limited time event because cough not enough players cough is now applied fully to casual iirc. I certainly don’t know whether PC ports will cause a new influx of new players, but one thing to remember is that Guest accounts could be smurfs. And boy, do I still remember when someone in reddit (Clockwork sth -ish) was very optimistic when 5v5 was released , saying competitive scene will be twice as big, 5v5 is the future, etc berating anyone who disagrees. Well, I certainly don’t see that now, but am still hoping SEMC will make the right choices to expand the game to more consumers.

Those are real people, aren’t they @Guest_78 :rofl:

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Yes, those who have an ‘E’ are new too, they just changes the secuence of numbers adding now letters.
Now i guess i will have to add an ‘E’ to my IGN, nah, wont do It.
Fin fact about the ‘Guest’ names: there is a bug so that your friends cant see if you are in a guild/team.

The game is fine imo, semc just needs a bit more communication and we good.

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IMO 3v3 matchmaking is really good right now (sadly matchmaking can’t fix toxicity) BR match making is ok, I get people around my skill level and my ranked talents.
(Not sarcasm)

Blitz I’mma be honest feels like the best matchmaker right now, love getting placed against people who dumped money into talents with no care for anything else

Oh and I don’t touch 5v5 with a ten foot pole
(Not sarcasm)

Though I’m not going anywhere, the new event system hasn’t interested me whatsoever.
And the PC port doesn’t have the stability to run on everyone’s devices yet so :neutral_face:
Nothing will be coming from PC either because VG needs to either hook up with steam or some other vendor to get their name on the market for PC. Only reason League was able to do it was because of how long ago they started. Right now nobody wants to go out of their way to a website they never heard of to download this game. If VG was placed on steam early access people would learn about it more than if it just sat on their website where only people who already play VG know about it


the game already got a player base know the game better than others
there is no need to get new players to the pc while they testing , old players can test and judge the game better than new players , after fixing everything you can release it on steam .

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Matchmaking is acceptable for ranked play. Casual matchmaking is absolutely atrocious now.

The game’s PC port is still in its alpha testing phase and no one on any of the major PC gaming news hubs or community discussion boards are talking about it.

Acceptable??? Are you kidding me?
I had a genuine t5 yesterday with 3 VG Bronze and me as Poa Gold vs full poa team…

Rubbish match…