How's Ringo now days?

Ringo is among my favorite ranged carries and I’m wondering if he’s any good now days in 5v5. Anyone having success with him?

(he just seems like a shittier Gwen)

I enjoy playing him. I’ve been building Spellsword, BP, TM x2, Boots and defense.(If playing soloq) Build up some stacks off there roam or tank and start shredding carries and jungle.

He’s okay but if he’s alone in a lane he might need a hand.

Edit: he’s got one arm. It’s a joke.

He’s really solid rn because, unlike some of the other WP laners, he’s great early game (though not to extent of SAW or Gwen) but he still scales well throughout the match.

Great early game, really?
Ringo doesnt have much burst damage, just a little bit more attack speed, doesnt have mobility, ganked = dead.

He is the most crappy hero right now. Especially when Gwen and Spellfire user are on the flow.

Not to mention after the changes to CP build, his ultimate is super useless now.

Ps: at least he is a better pick than Baron

You haven’t played Ringo this patch. The last 7 times you played with Ringo last patch you lost. I think you’re just salty. xD

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If you utilize his perk and the Basic attack resets on his A and B he has decent burst/poke. I think Ringo is in a good place right now.

I think he is still solid. Two patches ago he was better than Gwen. I think the TM 5% crit damage nerf, TB / BP buff, and Gwen buffs (especially the range buff) over the last two patches puts him behind Gwen at the moment. I wish Nivmett would lean into his CP path a little bit.

I agree I really like his CP play. I understand why they had to nerf the ult, and frankly I don’t think his Ult should be the focal point of the kit when going crystal, but it would be nice if he was still viable.

Edit:referring to his CP path being Viable

maybe if it’s 2v1… but 1v1 he’s an absolute monster… Ringo can kite just about every melee hero to death.

only has trouble with heroes that out range him. bf and ringo is a pretty fair match-up, 50/50 toss on who is victorious.

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Bruh Ringo is amazing. Dunno what you guys are talking about. A good Ringo can carry games HARD! If you use his perk right he can harass lanes like no one else can other than Gwen or SAW. He is in a very good spot right now.

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He’s very sink or swim. Because of how hard he bursts, he can get ahead and rotate to a lane to literally three shot someone, but if he gets behind even CP Lance will slap you around like you’re nothing. What’s important with Ringo is securing a minion advantage; by killing their minions first, THEN going in for a fight, you can get a few little buddies to help you fight.

Though these are all very true and fair points, It was a joke about the fact that he’s only got one arm.