How's my ranked play (is that a good a title)

If anyone has the time can someone look at my ranked play in an API site or something I’m trying to get better but I wouldn’t mind tips


Hmm interesting did you ever notice you win more on the red side rather than the blue?

Not really I mostly can’t tell the difference

crystal Lance support. Why SG over De? No CW?

First thing I notice is you’re kinda a two tricky pony, Reza or BF with some lance and Tony thrown in, I’d work on widening your hero pool. You don’t appear to have played any meta laners (Celeste or Vox for instance) and rarely meta junglers (no Krul, Rona, Alpha etc)

Second thing is you don’t roam much, but when you do you’re playing off meta hero’s like Lance and Tony, both of whom are hard to master. You’d be better if playing the meta, Grace,Ardan and Lyra which will increase your overall win rate.

In short your hero pool seems small, whic leads me to think your probably not counter drafting very often which is a massive in game flaw. It’s hard to criticise you to much though as your win rate is decent and your of a similiar in game tier level as me so GG I guess.


Yeah in ranked if I get a little nervous or I’m a first pick picking for myself I go for my comfort picks because I can usually play with them quite well

But yeah hero pool is Definitely something Ill try to work on
Thanks for the feedback

Yep you do

Side Win Rate:
• Left / Blue: 50.00 %
• Right / Red: 58.82 %

Well it’s not a big change so I guess it’s just other factors

Not a big change? It actually is you could say 5% difference could be due to other factors but you are aproaching a 10% difference meaning more than likely you are dealing with difficulty using one hand

Hmm I can’t think of anytime I had difficulty that I could blame on my hand

You should have a higher wi rate playing red in 3v3 it’s quite common… you get last draft pick so assuming your counter drafting you get an advantage with your jungle choice. Hmmm he picked alpha, I’ll blow him up with Krul or Skye etc etc…

It can be as minor as a brain to finger lag of the tinest proportion

That’s true last pick gives you a great chance to counter

Pleasure, hope I didn’t come across rude…

Fully understand why you’d be nervous to pick hero’s you’ve never played before. But, you’ll be suprised how much fun it can be… I spent my entire winter season trying to master CP Skye. I succeeded, she’s a blast to play and my winrate with her is close to 70% in spring.

Point being is doing in stages, I chose Skye because alpha and Krul were/are meta junglers and their counter is Skye. It’s actually had a positive effect on my season ranking (POA gold this season in 3v3) high for the season.


Nah you’re good

But I like to try and practice a hero a bit in casual so I understand builds overdrives and things like that
So I don’t screw over my team in ranked because I have no idea what I’m doing