How y'all been? How the game been?


Exactly as the title says I haven’t been here in a while and just wanted to check up on yall. Any of you guys think the game is coming back? Has the game been enjoyable recently? Mainly a discussion on how you guys been or how the games been treating ya.


I personally think it’s alright at the moment, not exactly bad, nor great either. The meta is decent rn, a lot of heroes are at least somewhat viable and there aren’t really any that are extremely OP. A questionable thing that just happened with the recent update, though, is the removal of cas 3v3 and ARAL (or BR, whichever you prefer to call it) as permanent modes. ARAL is still available sometimes as part of the rotating event modes, however. As for the game coming back, it’s hard to say. There’s been an influx of new and returning players due to the Steam launch on PC, but they’ve had mixed views on the game.


Welcome back , and it’s a hard question for me because I still play the game , I would say the good indication for a game being good again is by checking twitch and see if old streamers come back to play , like I didn’t see any streamer quit vainglory came back , but I think for new players it’s probably enjoyable .


If u hated 3.9’s game balance you’ll love 5v5 game balance. But besides that everything is the same. I think the game is making a comeback considering the fact that its on Steam the same platform as dota. Maybe not a big one but at least its a positive.


I’m surprised there’s only been two updates since I left. I’ve also seen some VG twitch promos being given out at “Free” subreddit so maybe it’s gaining so more attention but I think the removal of 3v3 casual also says something else.


I’d say the game is in a stable place. As @DIMTI said it’s nothing to write about but it’s not bad.

I can only speak on my opinion, which is that it’s kind of gotten stale; largely because of matchmaking discrepancies, boosted players, and the like, matches don’t feel as exciting anymore most of the time. I was trying to rank up for a bit but I’ve fallen into the aral/aram & rumble mode crowd. Once in a while I find a truly engaging fight but most are one sided be it due to teamates working together to stomp an uncoordinated team, or being on said uncoordinated team and losing regardless of effort.

If I found a better game I might play it but Vainglory is still the best in its category. It’s just not quite as fun anymore though: nothing really new and interesting in the way of mechanics, building items is still pretty much the same for all heroes in a given tree; things like that. Honestly I just regret spending all the money I did on this game and I hate to say it but it’s true.

If you liked it before you won’t hate it now but personally it’s lost its luster. I think it’d be more attractive for newer players but there’s nothing going on that’d inherently bring you back: guilds & teams are the same, competition is meh.

Just some blunt honesty here. It feels more casual nowadays with more effort & time required than I am willing to put into it, but I still feel compelled to play sometimes, but that ‘thing’ that made me actually want to spend money on it is pretty much gone.


Yah, this is pretty much my feeling exactly as well.

As in “completely abandoned by SEMC” …

In my view, the game is still enjoyable, but in a much more limited fashion than it used to be. At one time, every part of the game was fun. I had a lot of friends in the game, and my guild was so active that I spent a lot of my free time running it. Now, there are only 6 people left in the guild, and only 2 play with any regularity. I only enjoy ARAM and Rumble modes and play them in solo queue exclusively.


Lol almost everybody I played with quit a long time ago. I just keep a guild with myself in it to stop invitation spam. It’s so bad that half my friends list that was T9 or above has let their ranks decay drastically. I’d love to see the numbers on ranked vs other modes nowadays, the biggest attraction to others being you just…get into a game faster, and without as many draft shenanigans.