How to switch scoreboard view from bounty to CS?

How to display Cs on the scoreboard instead of bounty.

The option to disable the bounty display for CS should be in the “preferences” tab of the in-game settings.

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No such button

Try scrolling? It should be below those options.

Yeah silly me… thank you. 30

Now I feel like a big dummy. I didn’t even realize that screen could scroll

Not your fault! It’s a UI goof. There’s a little scrollbar on the right edge of the window, but it only shows up after you’ve actually scrolled… rather than, you know, before you’ve scrolled… to, I don’t know… let people know that scrolling is possible.


Yeah and they keep adding things , so you could one day assume that’s all of them because there is no scroll bar , just a waste of time to add things to the game and people can’t find them .