How to see the highest ranked score achieved?

Hey guys,
Is there any way to see the highest rank an account has ever achieved? I quit the game two years ago and I peaked at SA Silver, but now I’ve returnes and it doesn’t show that to other people, only me if I scroll all the way down in the trophy area. In other games such as LoL (League of Legends) you can see the highest ranked score for each season from; is there any feature that exists like that for VG?

The game has a trophy section showing your highest rank from each season, guild level, and team rank, for each season since you started playing. You can scroll down it and should find that rank somewhere.

Click on your username at the home page and then click trophies.

You can only see it personally through trophies.

You cannot display it to others. What you see at match start is those players rank last season.

You were unranked last season so it remains blank.

You mean in-game or an external site? is what you’re looking for if not in the app.

Not necessarily true, as the API doesn’t return that information at the present time. If VG pro is maintaining that information in a database, then perhaps they’re able to show the highest rank achieved over a certain period of time. (API data only goes back to February 2017, though.)

That’s true. I said that because he gave an example with something similar. Forgot that vgpro doesn’t show that. I think one if the others did though but not sure as I use only vgpro.

Yeah, VainSocial used to have that data (going back as far as the API allowed, which was Feb 2017), but they shut down in March. :bacon_tears:

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This still irks me a little to this day.

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Ah oh well, guess I’ll just have to grind it back. Ty for help guys