How to rank up while losing

Basically why rank has always been a joke in this game, this guy was poa gold last season, he has a 48% win rate and has 80 more losses than wins and yet he’s progressing at the highest tier of the game. This guy is a terrible player but he might very well get vg silver by the end of the season, even if the matchmaker is somehow fixed how can someone take this game seriously when terrible players can get among the best players just cause they play a lot while losing a lot.

that’s “overall win rate”

so… counting br and blitz… that’s a mode where you can be “very talented” and where “talent” can beat skill.
…also, casual shouldn’t count.

his real ranked win rate?

edit : nvm it actually 5v5… silly me

Win rates per mode aren’t available in the API, so the best VGPro (and any other API site) can do is show overall win rate. That makes it very difficult to assess a player’s actual performance, as you point out.

VGPro shows the matches and their WR divided into modes.

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No on vgpro you can filter win rates per game mode, i made sure this is his 5v5 ranked win rate, his overall win rate is 51%.


They’re calculating that based on matches they’ve stored, so as long as they don’t miss any, it’s probably fairly accurate. The problems are: (1) they aren’t allowed to store the data forever (they’re limited to just a few months – 3 or 4, I forget which), and (2) the API data only goes back about 90 days.

I’m not saying the data on VG Pro is inaccurate, but it could be incomplete, due to the inadequacies and dumb limitations of the API itself.


The limitations on data retention and availability aren’t technical – they were imposed by SEMC in an effort to prevent anyone from using the API to calculate the size of the player base, etc. :roll_eyes:

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makes you wonder why they don’t want anyone to figure out player-base size huh


Giving information to your competition is never a good idea.

You can track player base activity of every game on steam

Its not competition semc is worried about at this point


Till vg, you lose less elo and win more elo. Even with 1 win vs 2 loses, one would slowly clumb and reach VG if enough time put into the game. I am sure SEMC knows that and let it go that way. In VG it’s harder and you need a higher % win to clumb and silver is not easy at all.

Well yeah that’s the point you can reach the highest rank in the game with a negative win rate which doesn’t make any sense. A win = a loss once you’re tier 10 bronze which makes it challenging to get silver for people who play the game for a reasonable amount but as this guy demonstrated you can still progress trough tier 10 bronze with a negative win rate if you play a lot. In any online game with a ranking system you can progress trough the low tiers with a negative win rate but you will stop progressing once you hit the mid tiers and you will never make to the high tiers unless you have a highly positive win rate.

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Yes, the whole rank system is messed up and needs to be fixed.

Ranking up has been more about spending time playing matches rather than winning them. Yes going 0-4 doesn’t mean you go up but you make more progress from going 3-4 than winning 1 match and calling it a day.

In this case the data being incomplete or I think it’s better to just call it more recent is better. This way you can see it’s not his past days being bad that makes his win rate bad. He’s not doing good recently yet still progressing in VG bronze somehow.

Agreed – I think API sites in general should be more specific about the range of the data they’re using, as well as why the data they have is limited.

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Your profile pic keeps giving me nightmares

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I remember once I was watching Skye and mighty camel stream in twitch
They both Devs , and someone asked I think indirect question or a direct question , I don’t remember , about the player base Skye (the dev) was about to answer but mighty camel stopped her and his face color changed like it was awkward moment and he told her we aren’t allowed to answer that , like I don’t think she was going to give an answer to that but by seeing him interrupting the attempt to answer was weird .

VG is on steam now?
Also most games(that I play anyway) also have separate clients that are not linked with steam.

Just saying that every game on steam leaks its stats even the biggest ones with fierce competition, pubg did the same despite being a mobile game. Its not competition that’s keeping semc from leaking playerbase stats, it’s just that they’re so mediocre they don’t want people to realize the game is dead

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