How to play roam role on 5v5 map

What to do on early game? What first item should I buy?

Probably fairly situational depending on character. I’d go for some boots for roaming speed, and probably begin building up fountain, crucible, or war treads / teleport boots early.

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It depends if solo or in a party.

Solo I buy boots and either a wp blade if I am a roam who can steal camps/jungle invade early (ie Flicker, Grace etc) otherwise I buy boots and a flare gun which I use to get an early vision advantage.

I often pick up an early SGB as well. I was rushing Fountains but at the moment I am usually rushing vision instead because that item is just too good. From there I usually get a Crucible or a Fountain next then an atlas.

I generally build one or two damage/objective items on roams in 5v5 - I think you need to to take advantage of the opportunities the map presents.

In terms of play style I either begin by invading the enemy jungle and trying to steal the WP buff or a heal treant because either of those puts their laner/jungler very far behind. If not this then I will camp mid until its clear that top or bot need my assistance.

I aim to clear enemy vision as much as possible and plant my vision in spaces that maximise team knowledge.


But flicker has true sight which he can use to snuff cams out… On other heroes sure but why Flicker?

I would get sgb/crystal hit+boots

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Well you can’t really destroy cams yourself, and if you’re soloQing then half the time your team won’t even help you.

Also that item is good on basically every roam and even on tanky junglers, since maintaining vision is really important and the more cams you have, the better :slight_smile:


Ooh thx. Lets say im not invading and camping on early game. Is assisting jungler to clear the jungle still good like in 3v3 map?

Generally, the captain goes to the wp buff with the bot laner and let’s him take the wp buff, while the jungler goes to the CP buff and let’s the mid laner take it.
Ofc, this isn’t mandatory, and depends on who your jungler is, since it’s almost always a good choice to give the wp buff to a krul jungle

Edit- so, captain can assist the jungler for a while, and then go to the lane which is losing, to assist the laner, basically the lane which has a 1v2 going on. (Like 2 enemies and your poor laner is pushed back)

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Oh and. Is it a must to buy the full upgrade vision item? That T3 cam or something (i forget the name). Or you just upgrade it only to counter taka or flicker (like contraption)?

The starts I’ve seen are
Boots + Flare Loader
Double Oak (Lyra)
SGB (Fortress, Once in Flibber)
Scout Pack + Candy (Good for camping a SAW)

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Vision, it’s vital early game… I’d argue FoR has become less important but I’d stilllook to make it my second tier item.

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I can see the cams but as soon as I hit them they disappear and I have to wait - if I flare them once I have located them I can usually destroy them.

@crash_lord I tend to not spend much time in my jungle - I will if no one else is getting the ambient and the lanes need no help, but thats a very rare circumstance.

I pretty much always upgrade to the full scout cam item. Vision is important and most players don’t use it well so buying this allows me to compensate.


Only played Lyra, Adagio and Flicker as a captain on 5v5 so far and i start with a storm guard banner for Lyra and Adagio for the poke/harass in lane, it’s also 250 hp so it’s stronger heal and of course it helps clear and push waves under enemy tower. For flicker i start with boots and dragon blood contract to set up early game ganks.

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Hit them with a skill? Would a skill keep it visible?

Please don’t use phinn unless you actually plan to get double boots. And please stay in lane using phinn and don’t try to follow a jungler… Especially if that jungler is koshka. :sweat:

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  1. Lock in Krul
  2. Build a shiver steal.
  3. Profit

No you can’t hit them with skills they can only be autoattacked. The ideal situation is that one of my allies targets them for me while I act as a spotter. But that requires allies who understand that and are in the right position.

This also means that wp/attackspeed carries are stronger in vision control. Which is a shame.
Spun up saw drops a cam and destroys the other in a sec…

Yeah, it’s an unremarked reason why SAW can be an oppressive side lane pusher. 'Roided up on a red buff, with a cam in the chokepoint, he can hold a strategic spot and melt uncoordinated enemies who are trying to come help their pushed teammate.



They should change that…

make cams take damage per second attacked from all none aoe sources?