How to play Krul in 5v5( especially low skill tiers)?

I was playing Krul in my previous games in 5v5 and I found that it is fairly easy to solo Blackclaw and Ghostwing and win almost any 1v1 but in team fights I end up with " You hane been Killed " (LOL​:joy::joy:)
Jokes apart how to play Krul in 5v5 especially in team fights, so that we can use his full potential?

I gank and STALK the bottom lane as a jungler should.

Its all about waiting for the right opportunity.

Positioning is key due to how susceptible Krul is to CC.

team fights? as in 5 vs 5 TOTAL CHAOS ? 5 players will always pick the weakest hero, SO either accept your fate that you’ll be the sacrifice for the greater good OR you’re good enough to build the right items, attack their weakest and somehow sustain better than the rest.

Like you said, Krul is the king of 1 vs 1, and can even solo the dragons. So he really is valuable in that regard. A krul player will be split pushing and solo’ing the dragon when the rest of the team is Busy distracting the enemy.

He is pretty useless in team fights. He can’t tank long enough unless he gets healed, buffed and backed up by the rest of the team. But even then, he’s not going to out perform other heroes, unless the conditions are perfect. Jungle bushes are his best friend.

Don’t expect to be a hero in lane. Play the sneaky game. The jungle is your friend.


Krul can be amazing in low tiers if you play with a friend (duo q)
Because he is useless late game , so with a friend you could do something and end the game early , just choose one of the lanes and help the carry pushing , take the objectives quick by your map awareness , map awareness is important for krul , you could survive 1v1 or 1v2 , just remember as krul what you need is sustain , so just keep basic attacking and life steal don’t use the B (healing) unless you sure it’s going to kill the enemy.


Krul is 1v1 king, melees at least (I can wreck him every time with Gwen, but then I like to say I’m a good Gwen player)

Back to the point. Krul is good in almost any Melee 1v1, and against low mobility ranged heroes too (e.g. Celeste) But in teamfights, he can be focused down. The best thing to do is to utilize bushes, make sure you have your perk up when you go in, then try and isolate a single target and take it out. It helps if your teammates can distract the rest of the enemy team, or use your ult to stop an enemy captain assisting your target.

Other than that, I can only recommend ganking early to get fed (use bushes!) and trying to force 1v1s rather than teamfights. (that does not mean ignoring your team when they do want to teamfight). Also look out for Mortal wounds/ attack slow. If you’re playing Krul, expect the enemies to buy SF/PS/AP. If you can block it, perfect, but those are the hardest CCs imo to block. For AP, if you get hit by it, try to keep your distance until it’s over. PS can to an extent be countered by your own PS, but mortal wounds in general atm are so annoying. I can only say good luck.

And lastly, just build attack speed.


Dont forget to build defense, and lots of it.