How to get the new Lyra skin?

Is there a way to get the new Lyra skin besides just purchasing it with ice ? Are there gonna be those 99 ice chests with 2% chance to get the skin like the Skye skin currently does ? (pick below)

It’s unclear. I am thinking that PROBABLY they are going to have a new chest each week, but – incredibly, I know – SEMC has failed to communicate ANYTHING about their plans for marketing these new skins in 4.1.

I’m assuming that something will change on Wednesday, but in reality, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Wow, I think this is the first time I see anyone preferring those chests over the direct purchase. I expect them to release a chest like skye’s, how much time will it take idk.

Agreed – particularly since there doesn’t appear to be any “bad luck prevention” in effect for them.

If the skin costs 2599 ICE, and each pull from the chest is 99 ICE, that means that if you get the skin before the 27th pull, you’ve “saved” some ICE over purchasing it outright. However, let’s look at the chance of that happening:

Using the formula 1-((1-x)^y) where x is the drop rate and y is the number of draws, we get:

1-((1-0.02)^{26} = 40.86\%

Those aren’t good odds. I’d much rather buy the skin outright.

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Especially in long term (i.e. more skins) the direct buy approach will save you a lot of ICE/money.

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I don’t have enough ice for a direct purchase otherwise i would have.

Then don’t waste it on super low chance of getting the skin. Save up and buy when you have the ICE.


I don’t think i am ever gonna have enough ice