How to get essence

So it seems like the main way to get essence is thru sunlight. By the end of sunlight levels you get about 3.1k essence+. I got to sunlight level 50 and when I got t3 Ringo, Scarecrow Bap, and Evo Sam, I was about halfway thru and when I got to level 50 I ended up with 3266 essence available. I guess this is why BP’s became a thing cause when u get to later levels sunlight rewards you so hard that getting skins would not become TOO difficult. So, if u get BPs as a f2p player the game is still somewhat f2p-friendly, but not as much as it was before.


it still costs 5000 essence for legendary skins. So based on this analysis, a F2P player would need to play 1 and a half seasons to unlock a legendary.

1 year has 4 seasons? which would mean… 2 legendary skins per year, assuming you’re lucky enough to get the blueprint somewhere along the way…

that’s if you’re not tempted to craft rare and epic skins. I expect random skin drops to be mostly rare and epic…


I’m probably going to get an “oh here we go Aes with one of his theories again” but from the patterns I’ve seen SEMC display, the MO is always the same. It’s basically like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey while you ride it. You keep playing generating traffic thinking you’re playing to earn skins but at the same time it’s at a really bad odds. You’d be getting way more in other games that “sell” skins but yet you believe SEMC’s is the kind one. It’s the way they package the manipulation. It’s been like this with a few systems so why fix what isn’t broken.


Why can’t they stick with that insight in other areas?

  1. Chest Daily Quest
  2. Loot Box
  3. Sunlight

Owned blueprint also will be converted to essences.

Thats what shows on the reward screen but i still had to disenchant them specifically to get my essence :frowning:

I remember when grinding for cards and skins was fun :frowning:


Meh. It’s fairer to SEMC now as well. Can’t blame 'em for that. Though a season and a half is a ton of time for 1 Skin, legendary or not. It does make the legendary’s more important in theory…but then again, players might like how an epic or rare looks more so…maybe base the essence amounts on demand instead of predetermined tier? Though legendarys, having varied animations, should have a naturally higher price.

I got 2 legendaries that way via cards. New BP system I got 6 legendaries and an epic so far with 8k essence left. Now at 52 skin 8 of which I got in the new system.

If I had no Glaive skin I would value King Glaive the most and he only costs 2500 essence.
Same with seraphim adagio.
Many new epics are better than old legendary skins.