How to fix shortage of roam

Just read it. It’s pretty self explanatory


How to get a roam in 2 easy steps.

  1. Instalock squishy
  2. Feed until someone gives up and sells their build for a fountain

How to get roam in one easy step

  1. You play roam

This guy is an effing GENIUS. Hire him SEMC.


Lawlz, then there would be a epidemic of people instalocking roam!

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Team of tanks that instaheal try to win

…but seriously though, the person who last hit should be able to control the dragon. Then when the enemy team kills it, the dragon flys away and drops the person riding it onto some random location of the map.

Cute idea, but all tha’ll happen is seaport roams with no defence.

Sadly roam is way more fun in 5v5 but you’ll still get donkeys refusing to build properly.

Idk a 5v5 with all roams is fun

gets dropped off in enemy base hello darkness my old friend

+1 for some captain Skaarf on blackclaw action

This will most certainly cause a rise in captain skaarf.

SAWWWWPORT riding a dragon with all of Saw’s abilities and dragon abilities