How to Embarass Yourself

Sooooo … played a few matches of ARAL (nee Battle Royale) this AM, and on my next-to-last, I got matched up against @Nightwalker59. Unfortunately, I got Churnwalker, whom I’d never (as in not once, not ever, in 3+ years) played before.

Well, I’m sure you can guess how that went. (I think I managed about 4 hooks the whole match.)

Nightwalker, as usual, was sweet and gave me an upvote (I would have downvoted myself if that were possible), and she took a moment to say hi after the match.

Just thought I’d give her a shout out, as she’s one of my favorite devs of all time :new_heart:


I mean you could just bury it and no one going to know , let me guess ! You going to make a new account dedicated for churnwalker only ?! And by the time you master him she leaves semc hehehe , she is definitely a nice dev and I wish her the best :heart: .