How to earn more CS?

I really like this build for Idris and it is quite expensive, so I am wondering how to earn more gold.

He’s not typically strong early so getting any gold/level advantage is kinda hard. Unless you’re a bot laner and have your jungler constantly helping you, prepare to get smashed by top lane Grace or Reza early but revenge them late game by killing their mid laner

A little off topic but what is this favored build of yours

CS stands for Creep STEAL - so steal them when they’re on low health. Solo Queue is filled with Creep stealers. The only role that doesn’t do that (or shouldn’t) is the Captain. Don’t get hit. Don’t die and stay in lane, preferbly until the 5 minute mark, when you can river shop.

TRADING DAMAGE is the best way to shoo away that pesky enemy laner. Obviously the aim is the OUT TRADE so they’re the one on low health, giving you a clear path to farm in relative safety, provided you got vision in all the right spots and are map aware enough to know when there’s a possible gank.

Haha no, pretty sure its Creep Score.

For idris it depends on the path you are taking, for CP, rush his perk as fast as possible, ive seen someone do 2 tier 2 crystals and 1 bit.

For WP youre gonna need to have either a roamer or jungler with you helping you secure lane and be aggressive once you unlock your perk and t3 item.

umm, your calculations are off… idris’s perk doesn’t come online until 120 cp power… and even if it was the old 100, 2 Tier 2 crystals and 1 cyrstal bit only gets you to 90 CP, still not enough.

since the change, there is no early game perk anymore. it takes a full T3 ShatterGlass item to unlock it… or double Heavy Prism and 1 crystal bit.

Is it really? I Might’ve not been clear enough. Yes, I meant heavy prism.

I am going divergent and that is equivalent to 2wp items and 2cp items

Hehe…I haven’t tried it out yet but this is it: Breaking Point, Shatter glass, Alternating Current, Poisoned Shiv, Journey Boots and Atlas Pauldrom. (No particular order) I would like to add a note, that this is a very situational build, built to my specific standards and how the game is going (what the other team and my team builds), so if it doesn’t work for you, you know why. The core is Shatter glass, Breaking Point, Atlas Pauldron and Journey boots. If you advertise this build I want credit (doubt it) anyway, I hope it is good :slight_smile:

Id personally rush the shatter for range and two blazing salvos for att speed slowly building into ac and bp.

Breaking point only stacks when you’re doing enough WP damage. That build is giving you CP damage.

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I was expecting something like sorrowblade breaking point 2 tyrant monocles journey boots husk ™

Would you like to do the math I did?

Then, don’t ask me about my build

Hybrid builds rarely work, you won’t get the best of both worlds. The one exception was the old cp Idris build with shiv, it worked because shiv gave enough wp to unlock the perk with infusion and the attack speed and lifesteal benefited Idris.

What math?
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