How to check your account's ingame currency without opening the app?

Okay so I have not been able to play VG for a while ( almost 3 months now) and was wondering if it is possible to check in game currency without opening the app as I have locked my phone away cause of distractions and my parents’ phone don’t have enough storage.

The reason I want to check it is that I won a giveaway of 500 ice conducted by Encrafted E-sports

Please let me know if it is possible.

At one time, the ICE balance linked to an IGN was accidentally exposed in the API, but that bug was fixed many moons ago. (And appropriately so, as I don’t see a reason anyone needs to know how much ICE anyone else has.)

There’s no way of checking your ICE except by opening the app (or possibly by contacting SEMC support, assuming they’re willing to share account information that way).

Is there a device that supports SD cards? If so you could drop the lionshare on that sd and install…

You can download the game with bluestack in your computer and then check your account there , or because you expecting a 500 ice , you could ask semc by a ticket to their support asking them if they sent the ice or not , but they could tell you that , you check it yourself , so the best is pretending that you didnt recieve the ice and they probably say they sent it already so you get a confirmation indirectly .