How the mighty have fallen

It’s sad to see the mode that built VG relegated to a tiny box in the corner next to the modes no one plays.


Blitz and aram should be that tiny box…not 3V3 they’re forgetting 3v3 is also a ranked mode :((

They seem intent on killing everything I loved about the game, that’s for certain.


They really try hard to kill that mode… also it’s clear how they do it “one step at a time” approach (that is proven to work, btw). Now you see it there, tomorrow it will not be found in the UI… :frowning:


I don’t want to come across as insensitive to what you’re saying, so just to highlight that this is my own opinion that i’m including because the topic is started. I feel that this isn’t really so much SEMCs fault, as it is partly the playerbase who is to be blamed.

I left the game a while ago, this was when it was the old forums too, and i recall that a lot of topics were focused on people wanting 5v5. As much as i am aware that 3v3 is what started the game off and is obviously what a lot of people like about VG, the need that people have to want more and different is more of a contributing factor to the downfall of 3v3 rather than VG making it less prominent.

I think it will be a catch 22 whereas people asked for something which they got and as a result changed the game. Queue time for 5v5 is much shorter than 3v3, i find, and therefore that gives it more attention.


I think the game mode more popular in certain servers like EU , there is 19 vg gold players in the top 100 , compared to the 4 vg gold on NA server .

I think semc trying to kill the game mode because of the long queue time , I once was in a party and the guy told me in his friendlist a lot of parties in queue and in our tier but the matchmaker takes time to match us together , and when I soloq I get sometimes quick match with t6 and t8 , the t6 wants to carry and I have no idea he was tier 6 so I roamed for them and ended up in a very bad game , I didn’t expect a quick match with bad matchmaker , quick matches usually means same skill tier .

What destroyed the mode was SEMC saying when 5v5 would be released. Due to that they had to completely focus on its development leaving 3v3 die. Later on, they’ve been just breaking it, balance is terrible, queues are terrible. The last straw was deleting casual, by doing that they made sure no new players would come to the mode. 3v3 has longer queues because SEMC has been doing their best to kill the mode. Also, they some updates ago did some completely stupid and so sense changes to the mode based on the feedback 5v5 players gave them, that destroyed the mode completely to the point it was unplayable in high elo, resulting in no 5v5 players coming to play it and 3v3 players leaving.

Funny how they deleted casual saying it was to shorten the queues and in high elo they’ve been doubled or even tripled.


That is my mode. That is the one mode that keeps me in the game. Sure, I’ll play blitz, ARAM, rumble, but if that mode goes, so do I.


Same, nothing to add here, you just expressed my thoughts.

I have not played VG since hats, and keep checking the forums mostly out of morbid curiosity… but SEMC could not do a better job of keeping me away if they tried.

Like, I was almost tempted, at some point - but then I read they had removed 3vs3 Casual, and that was that.
So oblivious to anything they once aspired to deliver. Vainglory - the MOBA ruined for touch.


Wali! That’s what happened to you. Tbh respect to you, hats were a stupidity (which SEMC seem to have given up on now anyway) but I could never bring myself to delete the game. Damn it feels like so long ago the Nymphs was a thing.

I really hope this game doesn’t die. I remember playing a game called Star Wars: Force Arena which is a MOBA card game. Their main modes were 1v1 and 2v2, the latter being more popular. Those game modes were ranked and their ranking system shares with each other (they don’t have their own ranking system). As soon as they announced they were removing the ranked aspect of 2v2 and reducing it into a casual mode, players begged and cried not to do it. The company didn’t listen and they still continued to make it a casual mode. Despite being disappointed, players accepted and moved on. Most of us still played 2v2 despite being a casual mode.

And this is when the downfall of the game began. They announced that they will be removing 2v2 as the main mode and it will be instead be a rotating game mode with new modes being released. Players didn’t like the announcement. They hoped it was just some joke but the company stated that it’s official and they’re really going to apply the change. Every post on the forums is literally players crying not to remove 2v2. Yet they still didn’t listen. After that, players (me included) started leaving the game. There was a massive drop of players and they lose more players than they gain. After that, because of the game not being profitable, they had to shut it down.

When 3v3 ranked is removed, I can totally see this happening in Vainglory and I’m scared of it. The game I once loved playing cannot be played anymore. They need to listen and communicate to players if they want to keep this game alive.