How tf do you reply in a thread

Can’t find a button for it anywhere.

Oh look now I make a post and suddenly a reply button has showed up, yet it wasn’t available anywhere else.

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k it’s still not available in any other threads

I don’t know if you are trolling or not but there is this arrow mark in the right bottom side of a message if you are replying to a specific person or if you want to reply to the topic as a whole then the reply is available at the bottom of the last message in that thread

I know, it disappears in other threads except this one

Must be the effect of that weed you are smoking. JK

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When you first join, you are restricted in what you can do until you satisfy a few (easy) requirements, such as reading other posts and spending some time logged in. You probably ran into that limitation because you hadn’t yet reached the threshold for advancing to Trust Level 1.

More about Discourse’s Trust Levels


Quick reminder that you can mark a post as a solution, which is really helpful for other people who might read this thread in the future.

Just click the checkbox at the bottom of the post - you might have to click the three dots to make it show up, depending on your browser layout. :vgcheersx2:


oh look, your here too, wow thats nice

Lol literally just to tell Nivmett that Kest epic needs a nerf. I’m tired of having to use it, and it getting spammed by other people too.

Niv doesn’t balance talents lul


I know lol. But he can tell the person that does.