How strong is Aftershock

Can’t i go aftershock all defense since basically it will take 12% of their hp regardless or would aftershook and cp items be better cause ability damage + A.s Proc?

It isn’t pure damage. It won’t be enough if you’re playing carry. You can do that on some tanks when needed.


The only hero that actually builds aftershock and then all defence/utility is fortress but that’s because fortress is broken. I think they finally hit a good sweet spot with aftershock

Both work

In the past,captains build stormcrown to do damage in teamfights,but since that item is pretty much useless now,aftershock is kinda treated like a replacement.
Build it on heroes that have decent cp scaling and synergy with it,examples would be Fortress,Grace and Catherine since they have abilities that proc aftershock and they benefit from building Cp items.

Same rule applies for cp carries/assassins,which consists of things like Blackfeather,Taka and Anka

Its a good proc item for utility top laners and captains. Its situational on assassins because sometimes you might be better off going SG or SF first item instead.

No. And to answer your title question it’s not that strong by late game, just like having a tension bow. It only seems powerful at the start. You can go aftershock and t3 defense at the beginning but after that you’re gonna need some help from some other dmg item. Unless you’re capt and even then you’re better off providing some kind of dmg support to your team then defensive support. The way things basically work is assassins/ carries get 1-2 defensive items, 1-2 utility items, 3-4 dmg items. Capts get 2-3 defense, 1-3 utility, 1-2 sustain items. Bruisers get 1-2 defensive, 1-2 utility, and 1-2 sustain, and 2-4 dmg.

Of course this all depends on diffflerent heroes. Some assassins/carries can do fine with 3-5 dmg, 1 sustain, 1 defensive/utility. Some capts do 3-5 defense, 1 utility. Some bruisers are better with 2-3 defense/sustain and 2-3 dmg.

It all depends on the hero and what’s built in but that’s the basic breakdown of item type to hero type ratio.

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