How should I spend 10 dollars? (╭ರᴥ•́)

Before anything this is my first post on this forum and wanted to say hello ヽ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)ノ

So as the title says I want to know how to get the most value out of 10 dollars on the game whether it be chests or overall resources like ice and keys I guess, I am still relatively new to the game but I am enjoying it a lot.

The undeniably best use of $10 is ICE for the Battle Pass, assuming you don’t already own it. It provides you with a TON of great rewards, including blueprints of various rarities, BP chests, rare/epic mystery chest keys, skins, and enough ICE to buy it again next season, as you increase your sunlight level. Additionally, the initial purchase provides you with Skaarf (or 20 opals if you already own him), a rare mystery chest key, and a 7-day all access pass (which increases your post-match rewards and allows you to freely use EVERY hero).
If you already own the Battle Pass, however, direct hero purchases or epic mystery chests (if you want to take the risk) are the best. Additionally, make sure to take advantage of any deals available to you.
Welcome to the forums, btw. How’d you find this place? We’re a pretty small community compared to the others for VG.


dont buy the rng chests, unless they are an additional value to sth else.

save up your ice, you get some from quests and levelling up, so you may be able to use it for an event or a skin or a hero you want.

i wouldnt put in more money though, unless you want to get new heroes. in that case, epic chests are fine until you own too many of the current hero roster and risk getting dupes.

btw, you can buy the battle pass whenever you want during the season and still get all rewards, so it may be a good idea to wait until you are sure that you reach level 50, before you buy into the game.

I was on a older shut down forum for vainglory looking for tips and it had a link to a new one which was this one

Why would reaching level 50 first be important? I am level 10 right now with 8 heroes unlocked btw.

for the battle pass i mean

because if you do not reach level 50 this season, you wont get all the stuff you paid for.
all the good and valuable stuff is in the high levels.

I thought it depended on your sunlight levels

I just checked and I can get 1200 ice for 5 bucks so gonna go for that plus the other 5 dollars for 600 ice equaling 1800 ice

sunlight level 50.
you get to unlock extra rewards every 5 sunlight levels

you still have 40 levels ahead of you and roughly 2 months are left. the last levels take a lot of sunlight (10 for each level from 40 to 50 alone) and if you dont make it, you wont get all the extra rewards.

(there is no level 50 yet for your account, so whenever is say level 50, i am talking about sunlight)

Battle Pass isn’t what you want to be using right now because the primary rewards of that is mostly skins which don’t matter to you much at the moment and it shouldn’t. Don’t ever do direct ICE purchases but instead you should wait for good ICE deals which come like every 2 weeks or so. Do not buy rare chests with the ICE you have gotten but instead Epic chests which are guaranteed a hero and a skin. The hero is important but the skin is a nice add-on. Heroes most generally cost 999 ICE I think but some are lower so the epic chests for you as a new player is good. Never spend glory on talents and level 1 talents work fine because when you level them up you just get stat boosts. Spend glory on heroes. We had an event last weekend where the fee to enter was 10,000 Glory or 400 ICE. I suggest you don’t join events like those for the time being and don’t fret because the game has lots of events upcoming. In fact that was the first one like it. I already raked up 10,000 Glory again but the Battle Pass gives an All Access Pass (which is useful for you because you can use all heroes for an entire week so you can figure out which ones you would want to buy). Don’t buy the All Access Pass straight up though.

Things to do with 10 dollars:
Buy only deals, never buy straight up ICE.
With that you may buy the Battle pass which hero wise will give you: All your ICE back and a little bit more, one hero that is not owned, epic keys, and an All Access Pass that will give you all heroes for a week. But all of this happens if you reach level 50…

You can also buy epic keys using the ICE you bought to get heroes but that is purely RNG.

Glory is a freemium currency so do not buy that with ICE.

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i am level 38 atm (the all access pass gives a sunlight boost and i always use legendary, special edition and limited edition skins to gain more than double sunlight from my games. i also play a lot.) level 13 right now without skins could get actually though.

you havent even earned enough sunlight yet to get from level 40 to level 42…

keep your money until you see a good deal, keep your ice until the end of the season and if you got to level 50 in sunlight, buy the battle pass.

to be quite honest, its not a good idea to spend money on the game in your place. what you need are heroes and you will get easily, as glory is quite easy to gain by doing all the quests and levelling sunlight and account up.
dont buy skaarf for glory, if you plan on going for the battle pass.

Thanks for the in depth post, I am gonna buy a 5 dollar deal worth 1200 ice and hold off on the other 5 for a later deal. I will use 999 for an epic chest and save the rest for whatever.

yeah i will save up my ice for the next season battle pass, will be using my money only for deals

thanks for the tips guys

but battlepass is better buddy.
it costs 1250 and gives you like 1300 ice + a lot of freebies
the all access pass(free with bp) is great for newbies too,you can try all heroes and buy the one you like.

but again, only if you reach level 50 in sunlight. i cant imagine how hard that is for a new player.

I mean I do play a lot and the battle pass does give back a lot of ice even if I don’t get the full return whereas an epic chest gives me just a random hero and skin, Im not hurting on heroes I already have a core 5 I like and play well

the battle pass seems really good in my eyes

it is, but you can also wait until you buy it and save your ice.
you can get everything the battle pass offers if you buy it a week before the season ends just as well.

but you get more than the 1250 ice is worth right from the get go, the 7 day all access pass and skaarf may be quite helpful for you.

i´d say reaching level 30 or 35 could be enough for you.
if you buy the current 10 dollar ice deal, you can buy the next seasons battle pass as well, if you dont spend your ice elsehwere by reaching level 30 sunlight.
if that is ok for you, go for it. if you get to level 50, even better. as long as you have fun.

yeah the pass seems like the most fun for me, also I bought a 5 dollar offer for 1200 ice with the other 5 dollars for 600 ice which the extra I will save for next season

I love this game a lot so I’m sure I can get to at least level 35 in two months, thanks for the advice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ

no problem. good luck and have fun.

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remember that blueprint chests can also give heroes so :^) battle pass is gr8 for newbies, same with rare n epic mystery chests

Um…uh…buy Grace

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