How Riot Approaches Balancing

:arrow_up: Incredibly interesting article for anyone wondering how the Riot devs work to keep the game’s huge champion roster in balance


Here is a video from a youtuber I follow who talks about this subject.

I highly recommend watching him for all you league players. Granted however he is from EU so he might have different insights into how the meta works.


I find the regional differences in play style and the meta so fascinating!

I haven’t watched any LEC :lol_logo_lec: yet this season, so I am not sure what the meta is there right now, but I know from watching last year that Europe plays league differently from say Korea or China. (I find the more aggressive play in those leagues more exciting, tbh.) NA teams :lol_logo_lcs2: play more aggressively as well, but in general, they’re not on the same level as the European, Korean, and Chinese teams.

Update with balancing for new champs.

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New (animated!) summary of how Riot balances the game – a great summary, and quite cute!

Many deets on the actual framework Riot uses to achieve balance in the game – fascinating!

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