How much does playing vainglory affect your life?

Hello guys, I wanted to make a small study on the effects of video games on people’s lives, because I feel like Vainglory has had a huge impact on my life, since it became part of my everyday life. Could you please fill in this short survey that should not take more than 2 minutes, and I promise I’ll show you the results of my study :smiley:
I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

One part of this survey that bugs me it assumes my sleep quality has been affected without knowing if I had sleep issues beforehand

SEMC can’t tell me what to do, I DO neglect my loved ones for Vainglory :pouting_cat:


I finished the survey, but, I must agree with @Satanicsoldier in that the sleep question in particular is vague. Answering that one honestly is separate from my gaming habits as I suffer from a variety of sleeping disorders that I have been combating for eons.

I moved this to Off Topic as it’s not actually a “solvable” help-related question that users can assist with.


Another quibble: not everyone here is a student. I haven’t had homework for a decade or two now. :wink:


I was just gonna let that one go as I do still have work I do at home between regular cleaning, research, and friends and family car fixes

This is a fair point - though personally I took it with a grain of salt, I still do spend a lot of time studying and researching/practicing things, lots of which take up time that I often do circumvent with video games instead.


My sleep schedule has actually gotten better than what it was few years ago. Back then I was up and playing till 2-3 AM in the morning but after March of this year, I can’t even get past 11 PM and not to mention, thanks to this I wake up at around 5 to 6 AM everyday, dedicate 2 hrs to VG and continue my work after that.
While I don’t thank VG for making my sleep schedule better( was planning this for quite a while), this is the only reason I wake up at 5 AM.