How many of you watched VPL matches? Share your thoughts!

for me, the best matches (most exciting to watch) so far is Rogue vs TSM (VPL NA). I thought TSM will make a comeback (they never lose so far) but Rogue secure the win by using tele boots :slight_smile:

idk if VPL EU is more exciting or not, just share your thoughts…

Right now, in terms of VPl NA > VPL EU. EU is just Qlash and TQ. I actualli find watching VPL boring due to the snowball and always using the same heroes. Also i dont enjoy 5v5, so… rip competitive for me.

The match eh references was actually swinging between the two from the get go.

Agree though ithink the tone down to ghostwing should help a little.

did they upload a video yet? i missed it.

yeah, I got all the matches (NA and EU) from youtube, VainglorySeason channel

link? all those videos are 1 week old

nevermind. I found it.