How many blueprints have you gotten?

I’ve been wanting to post this for awhile but I think now is a good time. BPs have been out for what 3 weeks now? (correct me). When something is out, you can get a feel of what’s going on whether it’s very good, kinda mixed or bad. It’s like walking into a room of people and getting a vibe the room is giving out. So obviously with this I can’t ever have the full data of people’s drop rates but I wanted to get at least some. Truth be told I don’t think you need a whole lot of data for this particular thing, if 10 people aren’t getting what is claimed to be handed out, it’s already false imo.

So let’s have it, how many blueprints have you guys gotten since 2.12?

i’ve gotten around 6 or so, with 3 dupes and WW Kestrel, Space Bug Petal, and another skin i forgot

That’s perfect.

Everyone include dupes as well. Everything counts.

Apart from the ones we got when 2.12 hit?



BUT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING ALL THE QUESTS! :rage::rage::rage::rage:

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I did every quest for the first 3-4 days?
Then I didn’t do all of them, but did 1-2 each day and I got about… let’s see…
0 blueprints.


3 times 300 essence. Rare BPs. Once 400. Epic BP. All dupes. Coz I have almost all old system skins.

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That doesn’t count! :rage:

You must do all quest a week. It specifically states that.

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I think I have received 6
4 rares and 2 epics (1 epic duplicate)

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If you count the essence you get in place of already-owned blueprints: 1
If new blueprints for unowned skins: 0

I can’t really play on weekends, so it’s impossible for me to do the quests so diligently or regularly…
If I am not going to get any bps if I don’t complete all quests in a week then I guess it’s a big middle finger to the casual gamer who can play like 3 times a week.
Oh well. Was never a fan of this system anyway.
For people like me who didn’t get a ridiculous amount of essence when they removed cards (I got 6k) getting a bp doesn’t even matter that much, since there isn’t really a good way to get essence now…

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At least 5 I reckon, all duplicates, no legendaries.

The more prints you get the more chance you’ll subsequently get a duplicate. So given enough time you should end up with an abundance of essence and a decent number of blueprints.

This makes the grind longer and less certain but it doesn’t make it unachievable.

I also read on the Reddit of a plan to help those with hardly any blueprints left to collect. What that may be, who knows? But it means they are aware of that situation and are looking to improve it.

I have about…20 skins I guess from the 120 (or 112? idk)

So there’s a loooooooong way to go for me to end up with an abundance of bps.
And if getting dupe blueprints are the only source of essence now, I don’t even wanna think about the grind the newer players would have to go through, the ones who have like 5 skins…

I also hate the fact that it’s rng, and I am pretty sure I’ll end up with something like a Phinn skin BP, or a Petal Bp, basically heroes I never EVER use…

So, to get the skins that I want, I have to either wait for an indefinite period of time, or have to spend real money.

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This I feel is the unfortunate reality. You also mention the potentially insurmountable climb for new players, which I agree with.

When you look at alternate games you see very few if any routes to free cosmetics. VGs free grind may have seen the hardest nerf in its history, yet it is still there, a free grind.

Not sure how I’d feel if I weren’t a veteran player who with recent generosity managed to get if not all the skins I wanted then at least the blueprints. But in the same breath I’ve been generous in my purchases so perhaps SEMC and I are even now!

Hm I don’t really know anything about the skin system in other games, (@pilebuster or @Xaldarian or someone who had played aov/mlbb can shed some light on this?) but currently it just feels a bit too tough to collect essence…and progressively working towards the skin I want is practically impossible now :’(

Skin gaining in VG is easier in general. However Aov has very specific hand outs at the end of season and with lucky draws. Not unlike our sunlight system with rare keys.

ML is pay to get overpowered skins…

I have 16ish skins in AOV and 50+ in VG having spend about 30 euros on double to quadruple ice deals. Small payments for large amounts of ice.

Then I guess I’ll just have to wait for like a year and do quests 7 days a week, since iam a f2p player…
Oh well, I have most of the skins I want anyway…

I have gotten 0 blueprints. I dont completely know if you can go by me since I own a ton of skins (at least half of them) but honestly i would have expected to get at least 1 blueprint for a skin i didnt own.

I got 400 glory from a quest today, but it was a purple chest, and 400 is definitely not the amount of glory I would expect a blueprint to give you. Actually I think it was just a regular reward… Back to disappointment…