How do you win a ranked game with no captain against a whole guild? Mind you our team was barely playing together the whole time, the enemy was actually doing good. I’m just…shocked we pulled that off. Shows you can come back from pretty much anything in this game, terrible draft, no teamwork, literally 3 blackclaw releases, anything! Jeez.

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It’s about the players , you don’t need a whole guild to beat a soloq team , duoq is enough to beat a team without captain , I would assume they were trolling each other or something because they should win by default even with an afk in their team .

Examples like that are why the rule in my guild was “never surrender” :wink:

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No I mean we beat the guild. There were 4 of them out of the 5 players, they all synced together. We were the soloq team. That’s why I’m shocked we actually won. We had like no team synergy, no one went capt, we got blackclaw released on us 2 or 3 times, enemy captured ghostwing, and somehow, in the midst of all of that, we got blackclaw, we got an ace, and we won lmfao. My mind was literally blown.

Edit: Oh I see what you’re saying and no, that’s the crazy part! They weren’t trolling each other at all! We just managed to get an ace on them somehow by end game and get blackclaw lmao. I think we had stronger end game heroes though. I know the biggest factor is we got their capt outta place and just bullied him into oblivion and once he got stuck in respawn hell it was over for the rest of his team.


That’s why I assumed they were trolling , getting aced late game is very bad , they can do a lot of things like baiting your team to get blackclaw and ace your team and win , taking a risky attempt is trolling in my book , like if I was captain that game I would fill the map with vision because that’s your biggest advantage of having a captain against no captain team , you could easily control the game and kill enemy one by one just by vision management and little coordination .

That’s ridiculous. If you never take chances, you are almost certainly losing games you could have won.

There’s a difference between taking a calculated risk and doing foolish things like attempting to 1v3 in late game. But being able to quickly assess the risk/benefit tradeoff and take those chances that seem likely to result in an advantage is what wins otherwise close games.

If the game even I would agree , but the enemy was doing great as the op said , so taking a risky attempt is very bad considering that blackclaw is way way strong late game .

Iam interested on seeing his enemy last games if we have API I think they had win streak until that game , I played as duo before and it gets boring winning against soloq back to back so we troll even if we havent planned the trolling .

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