How is 5v5 in your servers?

Huh, I didn’t have any connection problems when playing with u :pouting_cat:
Besides the broken chat, which is mostly just on the new UI, I had the same low ping I usually have on the NA server without using a vpn or anything
BTW, I’ll b support 4 u anytime qt :wink:

I’m NA and have had very little issue with lag.

Typical 3000ms lags in the SEA server as usual even with the best internet and being in the same country as the server. Chat dead as always. Bugged friend list. Always needing to restart the app to fix party bugs.
Buttery smooth experience from the moment you open the app.

and the first one is…?
I don’t think so, why do u say that?

When was the last time you heard of a pro from SA?

Also CN is the most abandoned region, because they’re almost all Bing Bongers.

What is that?
I’m asking in a serious way.


Yeah, nobody plays on this server lol. It’s even worse for your ping than SEA.

I didn’t know China has their own server…
Well, would be sad to say a server someone is using is the most abandoned in the game :frowning:

On times really laggy while before the 2.12 update it was almost without lags (and still - they happened, now just more frequently). In EU region.

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