How is 3.8 from a Captain's perspective?

I’m curious to see your guys’ thoughts on Captains. I’ll definitely miss the times where I could spam blocks in the early game. Now I’d have to “not waste my block” on small CC.


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From the experiences I’ve had so far in both ranked and casuals…
Nothing’s really changed. Less CDR is annoying but considering that everybody is going for bursty snipers and AA mages (who generally are pretty bursty), your CC chains don’t have to be too long.

2-3 tank is still a thing btw. I’m pretty sure it’s even stronger than it used to be because of TB instakilling any melee squishy. Nice.

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I haven’t played much 3.8 yet, but what I have has mostly been captain. So here’s my opinion.

  • The Crucible cooldown will take some getting used to. I kept tapping it to save allies from an Aces High, only to not have it in the next teamfight against a Blast Tremor. They couldn’t nerf max CDR and leave item cooldowns the way they were though.

  • The new ambient gold for lane minions is nice. I got teamed with the most useless Ringo and I was so glad I could still get the gold from enemy minions.

I also want to mention something about mobility in VG. Everyone’s been talking about tank meta, but we also have a relatively mobile meta, where less mobile heroes, especially captains like Phinn or Adagio lose out simply because they can’t keep up. Churnwalker is similar, but because of his level of CC in teamfights he’s still playable. The only way we can get out of this mobile meta in my opinion is to add more immobile heroes, which will take time.


Phin is really strong. Adagio is just weak because instead of nerfing the op item (CP) they nerfed both the item and the Hero (same reason why roam Lyra is meh). Non mobile heroes will get outclassed by the mobile ones. The problem is when they give a hero both mobility and CC (Kinetic).


It’s nice to have more gold in your pocket with that extra mid lane minion. Since the tank meta is pretty dead and most top teams are running 3 carries + wp tank fights just end up being a lot shorter as you are the only one providing a lot of protection for the team.

Even with the supposed nerfs because of health items healers are really strong to help you get a lane advantage which is very important this patch. Lyra and Adagio are actually decent picks.

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I feel like it takes so much more longer to complete my items as a Captain though. It irks me so badly that I just don’t wanna play anymore.

If you stay in mid and don’t rotate often you will earn way more gold than last patch, the cost of most t3s increased but you can still hit them a little sooner than before.

Additionally any cs your mage misses you get 30% of, so even if your mid lane is bad as last hitting it hurts them more than you. Just don’t spend too much time away from lanes as the trickle gold is greatly reduced.

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