How I would improve/rework San Feng as a hero

Hello, everyone, this is me EdAWACSdenyY again. Today I’m going to be trying something different (because no one seems to be WANT TO READ MY LATEST HERO IDEAS) because I’ve been saddened by the mechanics of the latest hero San Feng.

For a hero that is supposed to be what I’m guessing to be Shaolin warrior (I don’t know since I’m not well versed in martial arts), he seems very very boring and immobile which is just the antithesis of what a martial artist is

(again I’m not well versed in martial arts so please don’t tear my gluteus maximus into 2 pieces like rabid demons went vegan).

I feel that while there are technical limitations to San Feng’s animations in the game he should be model at least some form of martial art styles. My inspiration came from the Last Airbender with how they derived water bending and air bending from actual Chinese Martial Arts

The third reason I’m creating this post is that based on the amount of positive feedback I’ve received on my own personal hero ideas I feel I’m ready to discuss how other heroes could be created better.

So this is MY interpretation of how I think San Feng should have been created and since I’m human I’m bound to make mistakes.

Heroic Perk, Iron Soul:

I would probably make this ability grant him not a full health bar of fortified health whenever he takes damage while using his abilities. That way it will be like Tony’s heroic perk and more reactive than passive.

First Ability, Tiger’s Bridge:

This ability is fine in my eyes as it is right now so I won’t change it. It fits into San Feng’s playstyle as a countering hero. I would probably remove the immunity upon overdrive, however, and replace it with a reduced cooldown on the ability if he is interrupted while channeling.

Second Ability: Divine Guard

Passively, San Feng strafes around an enemy hero he’s recently basically attacked within 3 seconds gaining bonus movement speed around that hero.

San Feng enters into a defensive stance for 1.5 seconds gaining a full health bar of fortified health. If the enemy tried to damage him while in this stance his next basic attack will dash towards that enemy and flip them behind San Feng disabling them while they are airborne.

Activating this ability will also reset the cooldown of Tiger’s Bridge.

If San Feng is hit with crowd control while using Divine Guard, his next Tiger’s Bridge is immediately empowered ignoring prior requirements.

Overdrive: San Feng is immune to negative effects while using this ability.

Ultimate: Master’s Lesson

I won’t change too much of this ultimate as with most 5v5 bruisers this is San Feng’s contribution to a team fight. What I will change however is how it interacts.

By itself, I would have Master’s Lesson pull in all enemies but NOT STUN them. Instead, San Feng will only stun enemies before pushing them outward if they apply crowd control onto him while he’s pulling them in. I would also make the ultimate radius a lot smaller as well and San Feng being uninterruptable while casting the ultimate.

So this is my idea of how I feel San Feng could be changed. This is by no means the definitive answer but it is my idea.

I don’t think he needs a rework, his kit works they way he is intended to. I would like a damage reduction on his B but a faster cast so every single mobile hero doesn’t laughs at him but he doesn’t destroy inmobile ones, that way he would be a little bit more consistent and not as polarised as right now? His passive complements perfectly his play style, and the CC immunity are a big part of it, specially with how long it takes for his abilities to hit.


I read them the same day they come out :triumph:

Also these changes would make me play more of Feng since I currently dont like his kit.

His B is just… Meh

Never liked it and probably never will.


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I would say HEAVILY nerf the damage on his B and give it more scaling (Those numbers are just NOT okay) and since he already has TONS of CC immuniy nerf his passive to fortify 25% o his health cause he is far too tanky with his current passive. Remember when Cath used to gain 2 armor and shield with each stack of her perk? Yeah…

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But what do you think of the changes I proposed for San Feng?

But what do you think of the changes I proposed?

Isnt the B a modified A?

Just search for his name and you will find out that he is actually based on a chinese figure who was thought to have founded the martial art called Tai Chi Quan (the martial art water benders practice) which is all about returning the enemy’s offense against them.

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Which his only ability that does that is his A. :expressionless::neutral_face:

I wish his kit focused more on using the enemys power against him rather than being tanky with some CC

Well the idea is that it sets him up for his A dash. The B would be the move that ignores negative effects and fully fortifies his health and allows for resets on his A.

This new B ability will also tie into his identity as a hero who counters enemies and fits more into his aesthetic as a martial artist more than the current version.

My thoughts exactly which is why I took it upon my self to rework him in my mind.