How I can over come my addiction to video games?


I need your help I’m very addicted to games.I play around 7 hour per day it’s a lot and I try break this habit but I failed , one of the reasons that I live
village every house far from another 1km

And I don’t have friends

I want study and get better grades in my school but this addiction kill me

Every time I uninstall VG or ML I reinstall its pain for me

And most of the time I don’t feel like studying and I want to be free from this addiction

There any tips I get way from games and start studying


Hmmm well it’s ironic to say the least that you’re posting on a video game forum :joy:

But in all seriousness, you first need to understand WHY you play so much. It could be as simple as you’re bored and want to have fun. It could be as complex as being discouraged and insatiated by life, so you’ve found a medium you’ve find compelling.

Run a little “diagnostics check” on yourself.
What type of genre of video games do you play?
What do you find as the most satisfying part in playing them?
Do you feel the need to replace home life/other interactions for online ones?

“If you know where the leak is coming from, you can fix it.” You’re trying to fix a leak on a km long pipe! Haha, it might not get fixed at all, or take a super long time!

Once you understand your motives you can devise a plan to letting go. Are you going to substitute your time with sports? Studying?

Good luck my dude, i used to have a pretty bad addiction back in high school but kicked it


i think to quit anything or do it less , you need to replace it by something , you can’t just make something less interesting by itself , do something else interesting and you going to play less games , I would suggest you limiting mobas to one Moba and play other games so we can make mobas less interesting for you , I think mobas have a long learning time and they time consuming unlike other games grab and play , the less you invest on games the less you going to be addictive to them .


Don’t try and “force” yourself, this is the surest way to kill motivation. In stead, promise yourself you will play after doing X thing you want to get done, and never “get in a quick match” before hand. Slowly you will work out of playing being the usual to the exception, and this will give a different perspective than you had before which can make it easier to jump into tasks.

Second is to set clear lines between working and playing. When you are done playing, be really done, and don’t play again until you are finished with that working period.

As someone who spends a lot of time inside, and has very little I have to do, need on self motivate a lot, I know how hard it can be. As a rule of thumb, if you feel guilty playing you probably shouldn’t be.

Another tip, if you lose motivation on a difficult task, try doing a chore or something you need to get done, or even exercise. It’s a good way to take a break without slipping into time wasting behaviors.


Finding new occupations in life whether its a new hobby or a new job


Yes. If you try to take video games out of your life without replacing that time with something else, you will create a vacuum. You need to find something else to do.


Dont pay your electric bill and so forth you wont be able to connect to wifi or even use your electronics :relieved: And you’ll be so bored that the only thing you can do is read your notes and study :star_struck:

Im being jokester but the other forumers gave good advice already

My advice would be to have some self restraint and try better or harder next time you delete Vg or whatever and not re-download it again.