How does SEMC make profit out of the battle pass?

Just curious cause i’ve bought it and just realised you get your ice back simply by getting to sunlight level 50. What’s the logic behind it?

ICE doesn’t cost them anything, so you’re paying Real Money to get the ICE (Play Money) to buy the pass (returning said Play Money to SEMC), which gives you your Play Money back plus some Pretend Things (which have zero real world value and cost SEMC only once, no matter how many times they sell them).

What SEMC gets:

  • your Real Money (obvious real world value)

What you get:

  • some Play Money (no cost to SEMC, no real world value)
  • some Pretend Things (one-time cost to SEMC, no real world value)

Also, that’s a marketing move to get you to play more. Getting to sunlight lvl50 obviously takes a while


Yup, and more time in-app, the more chances there are that people will spend money on skins and talents and what-not. It’s a great idea.

Also, and this is no small thing, but since battle pass encourages players to stick to one account, it’s doing a lot to help with smurfing and matchmaking, I think. And that goes a long ways to help make money in the long run.


the only SEMC intention from adding battle pass feature is all battle pass player become active and loyal vg player :slight_smile:

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1. List item

they need a baddle pass to go with the baddle royale

I also like the battle pass because it locks away my ice and I get stuff on top of that too.

I had 2500 Ice and 300 opals.
Bought a new battlepass and 4 new chests.

Got several Legendary and SE skins (4) and 10k essence all for my google play reward cash. So no money involved from my side but I got Snowmonster Joule(bought with opals), red sparkler skaarf, Legendary Reim, SE Blackfeather with the fish sounds, Legendary Celeste and several dupes that went straight to essence.

The new Battlepass and blueprint system though random are amazing to me.

I also crafted two legendaries from the essence gain.

All of that was my gamereward this season…