How does it feel to be VG silver? MM thread

The MM thinks it’s fair to match 2 VG silvers vs !4! VG silvers. No name hiding as there is no shame here. I feel there’s almost no players left… + the MM is tweaked towards fast que times.

Hum… DeVoe not playing Malene? That’s surprising.
On topic: technically it’s not that unbalanced when you take into account the numbers.

There’s probably like 50 kids in VG Silver for each region. The matchmaker did the best it could.

It sucks. It always matches you up with terrible players or people you don’t want to play with. I wish there was a blacklist option to stop people from being on your team, but alas that would probably cause longer queue time. Sometimes I feel like queue time is a bug just like how people don’t accept the match. That might be a bug too.


See MM sucks, but the playerbase sucks even more.

The lack of skill is too much for MM to handle, there just aren’t enough people to get an even match sometimes.


Yep, not enough players nowdays and the MM is forced to create absurd games. I think this is the main reason + they said at 5vs5 release how they will tweak it to be better, but in reallity I think they just still hoped that the game will BOOM and a lot of players will come back/join the game. Sadly not only it didn’t happen, but also the player base is rapidly declining.

It’s not fun to lose because of other players that are clearly FAR from you skill. No matter if into your or enemy team and it’s clear when a player doesn’t belong to a group of given skill approximation.

Just played a game where I was forced into mid ringo… yep. And it gets better. I indicated mid + I pick first and go phin and ask the last player eho didnt indicate anything if he wants phin or to go mid. Second dude picks ringo wp top. Third picks saw (not a troll pick btw, he played ok), 4th is reza and for 5th I say samuel… he picks grace. :smiley: the f and all the draft he insulted the ringo player.

I switched with the ringo player, pinged the grace to go top and I was like - slim change, but atleast some. Nope, the grace player feeded for the first 6-8 minutes.

After the match it was: me and the saw player 2450 elo, the reza poa bronze and the other two poa silver lows. The enemy team? 2580 elo (silver starts at 2600 if someone doesn’t know), one 2550, one 2500, one 2450 and one t6 that was top varya + while bad he spammed ult in team fights. The other players where mid vox, bot gwen, ardan and inara jungle.

So, two vg players - one forced into wp ringo mid, the other is saw… vs 4 vg HIGHER elo players and two going for the vg silver.

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to discribe why players are leaving (well, one of the points). Atleast if it took a lot of time to wue, but no… the MM didnt wait to form that “great” game. I prefer to wait vs be in such a RANKED match, I want players around my tier and not this bs… I want to lose in a fair match or atleast semi fair. This was absurdly baf experience.

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