How Does Dragon's Eye stack with Grace in 5v5?

I tried CP Grace in 5v5 a couple of days ago and I am wondering how in the world can she get any stacks from Dragon’s Eye. She only has 2 sources of CP Damage literally, and even with cooldown reduction from perk, it usually falls off before I attack with me A or B again.

Do you have to use Spellfire so that it would actually stack and Aftershock probably? Because her cooldown in her abilities are very long in general.

The most I ever got with only a dragon’s eye was 2-3 and it fell off right after.

Thanks for your help in advance!

DE stacks go up for each second you spend attacking the enemy. The damage type doesn’t matter.

Her cone shaped AA perk dmg means she will hit someone in team fights most of the time if she AAs.


Oh thanks I just realized. Your help is very much appreciated. :smiley:

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