How does armor/shield piercing work?

Please enlighten me on all 3 different items, that crossbow thing, the bonesaw and that icy knife, whatever their names be. I get the number in descriptions but there be 2 results in me mind.

For example, a crazy bugger has armor equals to 50% damage reduction and I have that bloody crossbow = pierce 45%. So…
Does the bugger reduce me damage 50-45 = 5%
or is it 50/45= ≈25%?

And does all 3 piercing items work the same?

Me be grateful of yer service in advance.

Abilities with damage reduction like Metal Jacket are not taken into consideration during armor calculations

The armor/shield pierce from :vgitem_tensionbow:, :vgitem_bonesaw:, and :vgitem_brokenmyth: simply make you ignore part of an enemy’s armor/shield when dealing damage. All three work exactly the same, except for :vgitem_bonesaw: which also removes armor from a target temporarily. To answer your specific situation, the enemy would reduce your damage by 27.5% rather than than the full 50% because you would ignore 45% of their armor.
Additionally, as @NinjaBryden mentioned, damage reduction from sources like Grace’s Holy Shields and :vgitem_metaljacket: aren’t taken into account during the initial damage calculations. They reduce the amount of damage taken after damage calculations.


Armor and shield piece makes that % to be true damage. If I remember well.

Much appreciate good mate, exactly what I was looking for.

Before this, me be thinkin’ that only Bonesaw works like that and other 2 items just remove the flat percentage of the target. Turns out I was wrong, but I like how it be.

I love how u type in a pirate’s language. I hope u stay consistent on that lol