How do you like your Tacos? 🌮

Soooo I saw a post on the dumpster fire known as reddit about taka and I forgot long ago that I wanted to make a thread asking about how they like Taka as a hero.

  • CP or Chili Powdered Taka
  • WP or Wasabi Powdered Taka

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Please do tell so I can judge you for being a lazy person if you choose CP or a non noob player if you choose WP.

IM JUST JOKING! Cp is equally fun to play as WP. :tipping_hand_man:

My comments on Taka being a hero and not balance

I do like CP more than WP for when I need burst and the same goes for WP when I need consistant damage.

Taka is really one of the heros that allows you to adapt mid match for going burst or Dps which most heros cant do.

Both wp and cp Taka are utter trash rn

First of all, that wasnt the point of the post.

Secondly, unnecessary negativity in my post.

Third, (I edited most it out) you didnt even vote

Im just going to say ok.

Ik hes trash. I just wanted to know which path you prefer :unamused: No hard feelings but your message bugged me.


I went with weapon power :slight_smile:

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Ah my bad… I guess i prefer cp since wp requires you to play him as a bruiser which is contradictory to what an assassin should be


I started with CP, then found WP and how much I like it. Both ways are great for me, will vote for WP tho. Sadly, taka is not made for 5vs5 = weak or if balanced annoying to play against. He was ok in 3vs3 and not annoying+viable, looking at 2.8 patch before the HP changes.


I would choose the chili one irl but fine wasabi it is :haha:

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I’ll censor my own negativity by assuming this preference counts in previous patches. Cp taco with stormcrown seasoning and an aftershock of taste was mad fun!


I don’t ever play Taka, so when I do get him in ARAL (I swear that acronym is too close to ANAL to be legal) I do the noob thing and buy 5 Shatterglasses


All Noobs All Lane :wink:This text will be blurred

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Captain Taka in ARAL can be a lot of fun. Easy Atlas and Shiversteel procs, with lots of distraction potential as enemies think they can burst you down but you’re too slippery and tanky to beat.

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Sounds fun, I’ll give it a go!

Hmm, didn’t expect it to be even… That’s interesting.

To be honest I wouldn’t mind CP Taka buff over WP right now. I used to hate CP so much. I still prefer WP over it. But the thing is I doubt WP would ever be viable in 5v5. Might be broken at some point if numbers are overtuned but still it just doesn’t seem like it would last for more than a patch (if at all). I do not like CP as its gameplay is way too braindead but if it means making a hero I love viable I’d take it. Better than nothing. Unfortunately Taka along with Krul and SAW for example is very hard to get a buff just because low tiers can’t do anything against those heroes so SEMC would just ignore them for eternity. I hate that so much.

I broke the tie.


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I have all the taka skins, some I really like and can’t use him. ;(

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WP Taka is the best way to go, especially with the introduction of celestial shroud. Also he’s just more fun than point and shoot CP path - change my mind :joy: