How do I play adagio As a carry?

Lore wise he’s a god but game play he don’t feel like a god maybe varya feels more threatening anyone tell me how to carry as him I’m not a good support sometones I try to maximize my healing but my team mate dies anyway at times I wanna Rekt people as adagio Cp build mainly But I’d take weapon also I just don’t like it as much his ult is nice

Basically… apply fire to anything in the proximity of enemies. Use B and attack empowered shots on th BURNING enemies. Ult BURNING enemies. Basically focus BURNING enemies to maximize damage.


If u know how to use him properly then he is a beast
U should know when to apply A so the enemy can get on fire and then use ur B to maximize his full damage use ur ultimate wisely thats pretty much it i guess

He is very strong early game, in fact he’s one of the best early game laners. His problem is the DMG buff falls of late game and you’ll suffer as a result. So the number one top oa to be sure your pushing early, stealing farmland getting ahead…

You looking for builds?

AC CW De/FB SG/SF pick up hp items to improve your healing which increases your sustain but also empowers your team in fights.

So Crucible over Aegis and Wartreads over JB.

I have written a guide in the past. Let me see if I can find it.

Yes is he powerful? His ult seems like it but idk

Make use of his insane AutoAttack Range and TAP DAT Joystick button. if they dive onto you, buff yourself and ULT if you can.

because of your range, you’ll be the last target to be taken down, so take advantage of that joystick control~!!! Kite backwards, stutterstep and Throw out as many AA’s as you can.

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Ew joystick :neutral_face: :no_mouth:


While I certainly understand your position, Joystick Control on Adagio makes his quite different play style much more comprehensible.

He does not suffer from joystick use unlike several other heroes because Adagio only has omnidirectional skills so he doesn’t require secondary aiming which is usually handled through tap control.

All you need to do is drag for A and B instead of receio a mini joystick on a skill…

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I’m adding this to my “this post needs a gold frame” set.

The big thing with playing him as a carry is learning to utilize his a on minions and teammates, than combining either your b or c.

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he’s a beginner that’s having trouble using a hero.
why would you not recommend Joystick? Especially in the Carry role.

Build’s has been recommended. Ability tactics has been recommended. There’s only so much that we as forumer’s can help with.

Using Joystick is the next logical step in learning this hero. unless he lags. then don’t.

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Dunno, there was no joystick around when i started playing. Science has advanced too far

I used to main adagio in the old days. And have played him with old and new styles both joystick and tap.

I’d recommend any phone player to use joysticks and tablet players to use tap…

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Adagio midlane just now. I took aegis over Crucible because of the AS abusers.

Frostburn to allow my A to slow enemies from afar granting me utility on top of healing and damage.

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