How are the forumers handling COVID-19

I got a message from my college that all classes are canceled and we will be online now. Ugh math isnt my strong suit so taking a online class for it now seems so :face_vomiting:


There have been cases reported less than 100 miles away, but I’ve yet to see a case locally. Unfortunately, that’s more likely because we’re not testing anyone where I work (no test kits, inadequate guidance from the state and federal governments) than it is that we’ve been spared.

I fully expect to see testing-verified cases any day.

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For those in the US:

Number of cases in Lebanon are increasing rapidly and the government still refuses to put the country on lock down, worse we’re still getting flights from Iran almost every day. No lockdown means i have to go to work and putting myself at risk.

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Because of the community lockdown that will happen most classes was cancelled(and continued online which sukcs) and mostly i just stayed at home (nothing new) but still… Its a different feeling when you can go outside feeling safe rather than staying home because you might get sick if you go outside

Italy here. Classes have been cancelled since 26/02 and this will probably last until april. Everything is closed except grocery stores and pharmacies and no one can get out of their homes unless they have a “certification”.

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Yikes. :confounded:

There have been a few reported cases in my area, though luckily not in my immediate one. The whole outbreak is pretty scary for me personally, as I’m more at risk of catching the virus due to the medical issues I have (as well as meds I take for it) lowering my immune system. I thankfully don’t have many reasons to go out a ton and my family is well prepared in terms of food and other supplies, but it still really sucks to actually be forced to be inside for my well-being and to see how bad everything’s gotten so quickly.

It’s not really a certification of whether you have the virus or not, but it’s something you need to write everytime you want to go out saying the reason of why you are leaving and where you are coming from and going to. If they find you without it you’ll just get fined

Spain here, we are following you. Here the government has decided to close everything but supermarkets and pharmacies. Everything else is closed and the country has been ordered to be on alert. Rumours say they will use the army…

As @Guest_78 said, here is everything close, including universities and schools, which means that those having to do the Selectividad (an exam similar to the ones made for university access) doesn’t know what is gonna happen, and those like us in the university might loose our summer vacations.

I’ve locked myself in house and don’t plan to visit anyone anytime soon.
While people here are taking precautions but general population just don’t seem to give a f about anything here in Delhi.

There has been 89 positive cases in India and 2 Deaths as of now and one of them was in Delhi.
I just hope it won’t come to bite us in the back.

102 cases now and I agree, people here consider themselves invincible lol. At least the administration is trying their best or it seems so.

:flushed: I once thought that until their ended up being a case in my state


Just an update on the situation where I live (about an hour from Nashville, TN):

  • Grocery stores are open, but many food items (e.g., rice, pasta) are unavailable; most paper products have vanished entirely; dairy items, meat, and produce seem to be plentiful, based on my visit to my local Publix yesterday; store hours have been reduced to allow employees to clean & restock

  • Most fast food restaurants are open, at least for drive through service; many restaurants are open for carry out, some have even added delivery service

  • We’ve now had several cases at the hospital where I work. The hospital has converted what had been a procedure wing into a COVID-19 ward, with plans for an entire floor to be converted if necessary. We are running low on personal protective equipment (masks, gowns, gloves) already.

Certianly strange times! My wife, Leb Jr, and I just finished a cross-country road trip - a bizarre time to drive through and see the country. There’s definitely towns and people taking precautions, but the country (USA) is not as “shut down” as folks may think it is based on media reports.

We still hit some stand still traffic by Atlanta, GA, again by Charlotte, NC (although not as bad), and again in Pennsylvannia (I forget where). We pretty much only did fast food/take out for food, but that would’ve been our only option any way - most franchises like McDonald’s, Burger King, Buffalo Wild Wings, amongst others, have canceled dine-in services.

The two hotels we stayed at were certainly taking precautions. One, in eastern Mississippi, had signs posted for best recommended health practices, and breakfast was altered (didn’t offer breads/pastries… but still had eggs/hot section which requires the use of communal serving utensils). The hotel in northwest Maryland only offered bagged breakfasts (limit 1 per person), and the desk receptionist was wearing gloves and a mask. The town and county we stayed in at Mississippi had 0 confirmed cases. The town in County at Maryland had 1 confirmed case. I was quite meticulous in my planning for the road trip. Every town we stopped or stayed in, I did my best to find a county that had 0 or very few confirmed cases. Raleigh, NC was our one exception, but we literally didn’t leave my friend’s apartment.

It’s definitely weird to see gorcery store shelves completely empty. It doesn’t get me down, but I’m quite the optimistic person - I can certainly see how hoarding only adds to the panic and anxiety others face who don’t get to the store in time.

My family and I are staying in positive spirits. We came to Vermont at a great time - mud season! Actually, we got about 6-8 inches of snow last night, so the little Leb got to experience his first VT hike and snow. Awesome!

I’ve been working remotely the past few months, so my life hasn’t been altered too dramatically. The college I work for has shut down. Remote learning for the remainder of the semester. My wife remains on schedule to begin her job in Boston in a few weeks. It appears moving services are considered essential business, so we should be able to move in without much hassle. I don’t expect much welcome from our new community as I imagine many people in Boston and Suffolk County are being cautious given they have over 100 confirmed cases.

It can certainly be frustrating to be around family and loved ones, and they don’t greet you with a hug or don’t want to see you for at least 2 weeks, but, I feel you got to be supportive of everyone’s boundaries, anxieties, and/or approaches to the situation. This will pass. Hopefully the social distancing efforts and business closures are not in vain!

I hope everyone remains happy and healthy!

-Lebatron, Mrs. Lebatron, Leb Junior


Oh - and in regards to how I’m handling it:

  • Enjoying quality time with the little one
  • Enjoying quality time in the beautiful outdoors - walks, hikes, short drives
  • Online professional development - quite a few services are now free to encourage this during this strange time. Try and research to see what’s being offered in your profession/area of interest!
  • Remote work
  • Video chats with family and friends - I actually may try an app my firend just texted me - houseparty - anyone heard of it? It seems like a cool way to stay in touch and it has intergrated games.

Love and happiness to all!


Well with me its more like…

Video chats with my professors :potoo:

But on a cheerful note, its good to see everyone else is fine!

Rn FL gov is in a fight with the spring break-ers since they still are partying on the beach despite the outbreak and now we’re in a curfew now… Welp thats the only thing new happening to me as of now.

I wonder how my foreign forumers are doing. Ofc hopefully well :new_angel:


Here in Québec grocery stores, pharmacies, takeout restaurants and hardware stores are still open. People are allowed to walk in the street and drive around. There are 1,013 cases across the province and 4 deaths.


10 deaths and around 600 cases in India. Our PM yesterday declared a national lockdown for 21 days till 14th April. The aim is to break the chain of people-to-people spread and quarantine/isolate the already infected ones. Essential commodities like milk/milk powder, bread, masks, sanitiser, etc are already out of stock. Some cases of malpractices like black marketing, hoarding of goods have also been reported. Experts already predict a massive blow to our economy which may take 21 years in recovery. Stocks are at all-time lows, circuit breakers has been initiated and my portfolio is too down by 25%. Really bizarre situation we are facing right now with no sign of stability to be seen.