HipsterSkaarf: A Season, (or how I always lost to Ozo)

posted in the original Vainglory Forums 17 April 2016 by @HipsterSkaarf, archived by same


First things first, I love this game. Second things second, I don’t get to play this game enough. And third (the reason for this thread), I wanted to know exactly how often I don’t get to play. So to that end, I recorded everything I could about Season 2. Every match, I took a screenshot (missed one due to the end-of-match bug). For each screenshot, I noted whether the game was casual or ranked, if I won or lost, which heroes were played, how long the matches took, how many toxic players there were, what kind of toxic they were, and what time of day I was playing. Because statistics.

I spent the past couple days sorting through this data. It was interesting for me, and I hope interesting for other folks too, so I thought I’d post it. Cheers!

I didn’t take screenies of builds, so I don’t have item info. And next season, I’m looking forward to keeping track of bans/captain status/pick order.

The big take-aways for me… I play a lot of support. Also, I’m an unbeatable Ringo! 100% winrate. Get rekt, n00bs! Also also, I need to play more heroes - bring on draft mode!

Special shout-outs to @justmikewilldo (games 150, 148, 146), @Tiem (game 60), @RockstarCowboy (games 123, 79), @swim50free (game 35), and any other forum solo-queuers I forgot!