Highest dmg in a match

Literally my 1st game with Varya

Matchmaker on point


I think it is showing 3v3 tiers. There is nothing wrong with the matchmaker tierwise I think.

My 3v3 rank is 4 right now(Its decaying lol) and 5v5 is 6. There is a large difference: 4 and 5 are cancer.

Nice damage though.

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My 5v5 rank is PoA gold. From what I saw in the match, my teammates were definitely not t7 above (They went straight up to lane in the first rotation)
At the end of that game, my team all died and I teleported to their base when enemy was pushing with BC but they manage to destroy the vain first. It was so so so close I kinda got salty


Well RIP that then.
RIP me
RIP matchmaker

lol why am I here at 1:38 am


Seems like this belongs in the salt mine and needs the names blured out on your team mates. How did a Krul manage that kda

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I didnt blame anyone tho, it was a fun game, basically it was a 1v1 between me and the enemy’s PoA player to see who can carry better

And you forgot Baptise

Matchmaker is pretty whack
(Coming from a person who’s at T6 for 5v5 and ended up with a T9 player)


Just now I had ranked vs 3 poa(silver and gold) and 2vg… vs me (t8 now in 5vs5) and bunch of t5-t6. GG :slight_smile:

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