Hi, I'm back

New forums were weird to me since the start, didn’t have an off-topic to just talk to people and it still confuses me, as to where do I put this post.

Been playing VG regularly but fell off the forums. I’m in NA now and my main account (Edal) is migrated here too. So hit me up for some games. I have a non-existent friends list :smiley:

Also, you can hmu for tips in Blitz and talent management as a F2P, because I was able to climb to 2400+ on blitz in NA and 2300+ on SEA as a F2P without Ardan’s epic or any other epic talents (mostly use rares) which is pretty close to breaking the top 100 (SEA was definitely harder).

That’s kinda it. :slight_smile: Have a great weekend!

If you go here and join the Off-Topic Denizens group, you’ll be able to see the Off Topic category – like :goldtoad:, it’s hidden from mortal eyes …