Hey old peeps from the forums, remember me?

Hey guys. I was aware of the dev streams on youtube but I ignored it since I have online classes and I really can’t watch them since I’m lazy if I’m being honest. I would play like 2 blitz every other week just cause I have nothing to do with my life lol (quarantine tingz) and all I play is Apex Legends or Mortal Kombat 11. I tried playing 5v5 again since I was just so bored of League and to my surprise, my name says “Temporary”. I watched the recent dev stream and checked the comments and my heart just broke. I admit I stopped playing this game but knowing that it’ll be gone soon hurts my heart. I have made a lot of friends in this community (Hey @Arrowga , ApolloMars, @Dachigenius and @Methaliana , if you can still remember me, I hope you are doing well). I hope everyone would still continue to share the amazingness of this game. Thank you very much for the memories Vainglory! Thank you to the community and I hope you all stay safe :heart:


eyyyyyyy man, what’s up

good to see you again

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hello, whats up?

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Hey man I’m good! How are you? Welp I don’t really do much since my country is on lockdown.

Heyy I’m good :)) how are you too? This gives me nostalgia if I’m being honest. As if I’m talking with the old peeps back at the old forums. I hope you are doing fine!

Hope you are too! I havent played VG in months now im playing League hahahah, i just bought iG Irelia recently in league :smile:

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League besides the toxicity is a good time passer! I really like playing Syndra but I keep on lagging since everyone is at home using wifi :skull:

Im still learning the controls tbh still pretty clunky with em so im just playing ARAMs and Casuals for now.

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chilling in lockdown, playing league and watching anime, ya know, the good stuff;ddd

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You’ll get there, tho I recommend a really good pc if you’re playing League :skull: everything happens so fast there

The usual dachi :stuck_out_tongue: stay safe man!

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