Hey im almondnight

hi my user is almondnight, i am currently tier 3 and i want to get better. To those who see this message, be sure to add me in-game so we can play sometime. Really looking for people to play with. thats all.


First of all, welcome to the forums!:easter_happy_2: There are a ton of resources and discussions here (such as those in #guides) that can definitely help you get better! I think you should tell us your region, as we can’t add you if we don’t know which server you’re on!

I’ll add my welcome to @DIMTI’s – glad to have you here!

I see your IGN in your profile, but please add your server there as well, since there’s no way to look anyone up any more (RIP VG API :adagio: ) – I’m sure quite a few people here would be happy to add you!

Let me or any of the @moderators know if you have any questions or if there’s anything we can help you with!

If you’re in the NA server, I’d love to play some 5v5 casual with you and some ARAL. I’d be happy to share any tips that have helped me reach tier 10 every season. Thanks for joining these forums - encourage your buddies to as well.

My IGN is Lebatron (yes, folks, I’ve changed it!)

Wait why did you change your IGN?

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  • In a transparent attempt to evade the authorities
  • To sow confusion by making his IGN different from his forum name
  • Because it’s July, and he always intended to change it in July
  • It’s part of his nefarious plan to conquer the NA leaderboard
  • We’ve always been at war with Eastasia

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LOVE THIS. You do know it’s Lebatron, not Lebanon… LOL

Also, @DIMTI, I once changed it very temporarily, but it didn’t stick. Veritas was my name back when I played DotA. However, I didn’t play any video games really from around 2011-2014. When I started gaming again, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and other random games, I adopted the IGN Lebatron across all of them. When I began playing Vainglory, I figured I’d use my old MOBA name. It’s never quite stuck or felt the same. Switching back to Lebatron just feels right!

That’s probably a TLDR, eh?

In short, because I wanted to / pick a poll choice (they all work).


I love how all three votes are the same so far. :rofl: