Hey I posted something on reddit come call me a nerd

I’m don’t want to reformat the thread
I admit it, I’m lazy
Here’s a link, come call me a nerd


One of the best, non toxic, posts critique-ing on VG’s History and Semcs actions :1st_place_medal::trophy:

I see a mad redditor on your case about the title.

Just rename it to "Explaining “Negative Opinions”

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I considered it, but I want to specifically label it on the newest move by SEMC.

Mainly because it makes it more relevant and I want my voice to be heard. A little more exposure can’t hurt, considering that the reddit is filled with memes and jokes that are pretty easy to upvote without thinking too much about it.

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True, I see that now This text will be blurred

I don’t agree in Vox being slowly nerfed, specially when he has eaten the highest number of nerfs of all heroes in the game, if he is always meta is because of kit, which is good enough to not be as number dependant as other kits.

Silvernail has more weaknesses than Malene. Delete Kinetic I agree.
Vox was the first hero in early access.

why is this in off topic?

Because the post itself has no substance, it’s just a link

would you like me to reformat it for you nerd?

Sure, go for it.

This text will be blurred

I upvoted you in several places in that convo.

Also, wading through the :goldtoad::new_poop: to find your post reminded me exactly why I hate Reddit so much.


I moved it to dear semc because it is now locked away for only a few people to see.

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b b b but i spent so much time reformatting it >.<

You blew it out of the water with that post tbh

your post got a shiny gold star next to it. never seen that before. must’ve impressed somebody at Reddit. well done.