Heros that are Strong in 5V5

I feel like few heroes shined in 5V5 but not in 3V3

Lyra - Crystal Lyra is really scary, I went pure crystal as Lyra and she is really strong.
Make sure Lyra is played as backline. Still strong as a Captain. I feel like she is the strongest captain in 5V5 and 3V3 too.

Samual - A monster truly, Sustain health with life steal, huge damage with A + B and does huge damage especially when the opposing team are bunch up together.

Grace - I prefer playing grace as Weapon and she is quite good as a laner.

Koshka - Powerful, with the right captain she can go on kill spree and easily take out any laner and I feel like she really powerful in late game. Just don’t go in enemies’ crowd. Pounce attack, flee and join back

Lorelai - Effective as captain, good crowd control. I prefer using Lorelai against Flicker. I never seen any crystal Lorelai.

How about your heroes and your opinions on them?

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I find Churnwalker to be very strong as if you are able to make up for his slower than normal move speed then he is monstrous in teamfights will all the people he can hook.

I’ve also found Ozo to be very strong, loads of people to bounce on and you can hit many people with your A, he feels really good to play currently.


I don’t think lyra or lorelai are particularly strong in 5v5; think flicker, fortress,Catherine and Grace will be great picks along with lance to lesser extent.

Lane for me is Gwen, Celeste, Samuel and for some reason saw, but to a lessse extent. Melee like Rona, Joule and glaive are also strong and I’ve seen some interesting Taka lane play.

Jungle is Taka, Baptiste, Koshka… Kruls also gray but I find his lack of range plays against him in late game where he can be blown up before he applies stacks and smites etc.

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Kestrel and Celeste are pretty good. Kestrel is great for split pushing and getting over the map kills. Celeste has very good AOE dmg for team fights and great wave clear.

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Excoundrel put out a video that seems really spot on for who is meta.


I think OZO should be in that list because… OZO OZO OZO OZO!!


Cp joule is really underrated, she is a monster late game . With your ult up every like 15 seconds you can practicaly half the enemy teams hp before a team fight even really begins. She has great poke potential, She counters meta 5v5 heroes like rona and saw, has a great escape tool. Shes really deadly in the right hands.

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She is really setup dependent. You need a roam like Flicker/Lorelai to slow or Lance/Phinn/Churnwalker to stun multiple enemies. Her WP path is more reliable with better turret pushing. I do think she is underrated as I can’t remember a match with someone running a CP Joule (besides myself).

But most of the meta heroes are mobile heroes such as koshka,taka,vox who can get out of her ult pretty easily

me, screaming in the back



I just beat a koshka ; vox and reza enemy team. One stun or root late game is enemy team getting deleted . Joule is that scary late game, she can force objective retreats its just to risky tryna take black claw with a joule lurking around unless u make sure joule is dead.

True but her wp path depends on a bit of luck going your way it is stronger but riskier to pull of- leaping into the fight at the wrong time usually will be instant suicide were as cp joule can poke a bit before engaging. An yur right joule does much better with one other hero who has a stun atleast.

Wp Baptiste is fun as hell to use, and very strong

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I find Adagio pretty cool…
I just fell in love with Adagio again… after months of absence…

Beating a single team doesnt matter much , these heroes can consistently outplay Joule. Being careful around objectives due to a Joule was always a thing as even Wp Joule can steal BC/GW easily as shown by flashx in the 5v5 unveiling matches

Let me just say ive lost only once with her cp path and ive played her 10 matchs already. Her hard counters that really counter you are reza, taka, alpha. Rest are beatable. Her cp path is very underrated

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A single good jump can eliminate an assassin. Jump=stun.

Her thunder strike is severely underestimated it used to be bad but it now many patches later has 135% CP Ratio. Throw in a CW and every thunderstrike will lower your Ult CD…

TS has a 160% CP ratio. TS has a 180% WP ratio and crits.

Yeah but A and C have very high CP ratios and WP relies only on B and auto…

Doesn’t alpha get destroyed by cp joule? Reboot time is just perfect to BRB and kill her. I didn’t speak about counters in specific,I don’t play her a lot and don’t know what counters her.What I was speaking about was the trouble of hitting BRB on mobile heroes which I mentioned. GL hitting your BRB on a Skye, blackfeather or idris