Heroes’ spoken voice lines - Opinions, thoughts?

Title. Subjective, but, who do you think has the best performed lines? Do you have any you dislike?

To a degree they all make me cringe (I think just hearing them over and over does this), though I quite enjoy Celeste’s voice and lines, and Lorelai’s seem well done despite the accent which I can’t help but feel is forced.

Rona’s lines make me giggle. Ringo and Adagio are annoying. Idris’ lines feel out of place, Catherine feels a bit too edgy.

And so on.

How do you feel? What’s your take on them?

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I think the overal voice acting in this game is great. There’s no hero that I think is outright badly voiced.

Alpha and Baptiste come to mind when thinking about the best lines and delivery. Alpha’s ‘please, no more’ always makes me feel bad for her. The electronic stuttering in some of her lines is great as well.

Reims lines are hilarious, especially his death quotes.


Dies in battle royale " you did me a favor"


Ozo is truly the pinnacle of humanity’s writing and voice acting developments. Each and every one of his voice lines has a profound amount of depth and meaning, reflecting his highly philosophical nature. For example, his voice line, “why do I have to be Ozo?”, provokes highly metaphysical thoughts. Why does he have to be Ozo? Why do any of us have to be? Why? Furthermore, his voice actor, Michael Robles, delivers a truly breathtaking performance that leaves a lasting impression on the audience (those who download Vainglory™, the MOBA perfected for touch™, for free on the AppStore™ and Google™ Play™ and (insta)lock the legendary hero, Ozo™)


i liek lorelai’s voice lines and flicker sounds really nice too.churnwalker has an epic uuuh goode voice thing. lyra, reza, alpha, idris and baptiste just have really thought provoking lines.

Bravo, my friend. Bravo. :pray:

All things considered the lines and acting are very well done and entertaining. I’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite line or even a favourite hero in terms of voice acting. At the same time the ‘cringy’ type of lines are few and far between.

Top of my head; Lyra, Phinn, Reim, Rona, Skaarf, Adagio as favourites. Strangely enough Lorelai was the first one who’s voice put me off, she is my least favourite to this day.

Honorable mention to Now tell me the truth… do my pets look like onions?


what is wrong with lorelai? i like her quotes and the sound of her voice. it sounds bubbly which is stereotypical but matching for a water type person. i understand that this si an opinion but there are others who dislike lorelai but WHY is this the reason she is never played


I must agree, Skaarf is adorable as hell.

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Flicker and Baptiste have the most god-tier lines and voice actors IMO. Baron lines are pretty funny too and I like his voice actor.

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man you’re really committed to this, aren’t you?

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Oh it’s definitely highly subjective of course.
For one, in my opinion, she has a fairly bland personality and I can’t recall a single voice line of hers standing out. The other thing is the voice itself is simply not what I would associate with the hero design/splashart. To me it doesn’t sound bubbly, but very stilted and put on. Combination of the accent and not the most incredible acting. Eh ¯_(ツ)_/¯

yes i respect Ozo about 28 times every second, unlike a majority of the playerbase :pouting_cat:


ozo is not just a hero or a lowly main he is a lifestyle. if you like him you need to commit and go all the way.


no, he’s not a lifestyle but rather, life itself. I am but just a humble messenger of the ways of Ozo.


I dont know if you forced to like voiclines because you like the hero !
But i like reim and lyra as heroes to play them and their voice lines

I play lorelai from time to time and i think her voiclines are good
But she act very excited and full of energy , which is not my mood but iam ok with it, i prefer slow and calm voices like lyra and phinn .

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lovely (phinn)

I really think that they should say the quotes when they cast their skills not generally.

Celeste, my very first main, is still my favorite. (“I quite LIKE peanut butter.” “Bang! BIG bang!”) Koshka is a close second.

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When I mentioned Celeste in my OP this is exactly the line I had in mind.

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I have a confession…

I don’t play with sound.

I find it too distracting, when I could be thinking of what I need to do to win the game. I find myself checking other lanes more as well. That, or I listen to music.