Heroes pet

Its time to create a pet that add flavor in vg… its nice to see a hero that have specific pet…

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I’d certainly prefer pets to those stupid-looking hats …

They’d have to be something cosmetic only. Maybe they could appear as part of the recall animation or something. That’d be cute.


This would so never happen but imagine you had your own personal minion in vg following you around the map with a giant backpack and it holding a big potion bottle for you and that disappearing when you use your healing flask and it coming back into its hands when your healing flask is available again, that’d look funny

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Cute, but only if it was part of the recall/death animations or at home base or something. I don’t want more junk filling up the screen (even if they’re cute).

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And hide behind you in fights hehehe , I want a pet helping me last hitting in lane and scream warning me if enemy coming to gank me , watch my lane while I recall , tell me stories about the legends survived the top lane while we fighting under turret .

I would like the idea replace the hats but the pet is not in the ground , I think they should be hugging the hero , like fortress rare skin with the toy but they move and look around .

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They could work like courier in dota 2 and get some items…but that seems unoriginal though…

Phinn already has Suzie… Also technically Patel’s munions are pets but they’re also a gameplay mechanic.

While I myself am not a fan of this idea, I can see how this would add a little more flavor to the game. Could you elaborate as to how you envision it being done, @Glen? Would the pet follow heroes around all game? Or would they stay by the recall area?