Heroes nerfs wish list

  • San Feng: Delete this hero already… On a more serious note, remove one of the 2 debuffs he gets, either the one on his A or the one his B. Rework his perk so it can at least be affected by mortal wounds.

  • Baron: B cd reduction from basic attacks back down to 7.5%

  • Celeste: Reduce her crystal ratios on her supernova and the lead star of her ultimate (not too much tho).

  • Grumpjaw: An overall nerf of his base damage.

  • Gwen: An increase of her B cooldown specially at higher ranks.

  • Joule: A decrease of her B cp ratio, a small reduction of the slow radius on her A.

  • Reza: An increase of his B cooldown.

  • Yates: Just delete this hero as well… Again on a more serious note, nerf his overall base damage, remove that ridiculous movement speed buff when he channels his B, stunning him whilst channeling his B shoud stun him out of the ability (logic no ?).

Edit: Magnus how could i forget ? Fix the hitbox of his A, nerf his ultimate so it no longer wips out an entire healthy team.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure all his abilities have an energy cost of 0. Zero. Nil. Nada. I don’t understand the reasoning behind this. What’re SEMC trying to do? Just give him some energy and he’d be way closer to being balanced.

I’ve been abusing this guy way too much.

BF and Lance don’t use energy but at least they have focus and stamina which you have to manage, with San Feng you basically get to spam your abilities carelessly. I actually forgot about that, i legit wish they would just delete this hero.


There’s a few heroes who have alternates to energy, (BF, Ardan, Rona, Lance, Idris) but the only hero other than San Feng that has 0 energy is Alpha. Because of the way her Ult works, she’s kinda balanced.

For San I’d mainly want his damage to NOT be so free (Base damage like that is not healthy tbh). He can have good base damage, but at least make him have to build items to do the amount of damage he deals. Better scaling with a bit less base damage. He is already stupidly tanky

For Yates, I think his A just needs a ranfe nerf. It has waaaay too much range for such a powerful ability

Overall captain damage nerf: It can help bruisers out a bit, but do not nerf damage on some captains like Fort, Lyra, and Flicc

Magnus: Change the B from a stun to a powerful slow and lower his damage a bit late game

Sam: With a Magnus nerf just nerf his damage a tiny bit. He’s super good rn

Skaarf: I have not seen many Skaarfs myself, but I am pretty sure he’s still gud (I’m just awful with him), so maybe a structure damage nerf?

Aside from his ult, I think people are missing that the best way to deal with San Feng is to just ignore him. He is little-to-no threat in a teamfight once his ult is spent, and the only significant and reliable (barring cooldowns) cc he has is his ult. He is more of a disruptor than a high-damage tank; the only way for his damage potential to be unlocked is if the enemy team blindly targets him or otherwise positions badly.


I think that’s true of the laning phase. If you’re patient and aware, you can neutralize his early game damage combos by just not attacking him and positioning away from his B. But in the mid-late game, it’s a lot harder to ignore him, since he’ll position in the middle of AoE damage, proc his stun, and focus on a target with the rest of his team.

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Nerf CP Vox.

His burst damage on his Ult is just ridiculous and he isn’t supposed to be bursty imo.

Cp vox is pretty bad his resonance and single target got nerfed pretty badly, his ultimate does quite a lot of damage but its very easy to counter all you gotta is spread out.

Honestly its the most questionable change to him. He didnt need that bad of a nerf when Celestial Shroud counters his whole perk.

The most questionable change was killing wp vox in order to make cp Meta


Dont even get me started on how unnecessary that was. His kit is easy on complexity and compared to other heros. They could have balanced it out where both was viable.

But it didnt happen :neutral_face::expressionless:

Cp was always either extremely op or very underpowered, in my opinion cp can never be balanced. Wp was always very balanced, short range and lower base damage than any other wp carry in the game (or most of them at least). The only time wp vox was obnoxious was when they were pushing cp into the meta, higher base damage on resonance and the increased range on overdrive meant he was very toxic to play against in lane. Now wp vox is shit cause he does no damage, they had to nerf his base to give his cp path single target damage.

San Feng ability cooldown is rather long with CDR compared to BF and Lance…

San Feng: I would reduce the stun duration from 1.2 to 1s to give more time to dodge the B ability. I would maintain his damage on overdrive, but reduce his damage in the early levels, which is when he truly deletes people.

Baron: agree.

Celeste: agree

Joule: agree

GJ: agree

Gwen: I would actually nerf the passive damage.

Reza: I would revert the last buff.

Yates: agree.

Magnus: yes! His A hit bix is broken, soemtimes it doesn’t hit and other times he hits you despite doesn’t seeming it. This is due to the hit box being moved (I think upwards) from the ability animation.

Vox is dead.

Agree, I enjoyed a lot more WP Vox + was more fair and less frustrating to play against. I wait for the day they kill forever CP Vox and bring back WP Vox.

For Magnus, his be should stun only once, the second stun should be converted into a slow.

Kinetic should be nerfed.

I disagree regarding Joule. If you do nerf the B CP ratio, don’t do it by too much. I would revert wp changes to make her a more versatile hero again. I also don’t think the slow needs to be touched for her A. They nerfed it a lot when they nerfed the CP ratio and removed the stun.

Yates: totally agree! His B should be canceled if he’s stunned. His base damage or his perk reduced, but just slightly.

Kinetic: I would like a rework of some sorts, I just don’t know what or how yet, of her perk/stacks. It just gets so powerful with an item like BP or Bonesaw. With a good player, Kinetic is still quite oppressive at high elo.

A good post overall and I agree with most points!

S Alpha also kinda uses her health as energy, since her B does true damage to herself each time she uses it. SEMC missed an opportunity on it though, since it’s so minor and almost never effects play choices. You can build Alpha so she loses more health than the enemies she hits, but you basically need to build no damage items to do that, and there is almost never a time where it might be better to hold off on using her B.

It might be fun if Alpha was better at surviving at low health, but might actually kill herself attacking. Right now her style is basically to spam her B as fast as possible, despite the damage it does to her.

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I literally thought about that missed opportunity a few days ago. I was playing some Alpha and there was a huge wave and i was spamming B clearing it. It was at that moment I realized I had forgotten she even damaged herself. So I thought about it and came to the same conclusion that it’s only B spam in basically every situation. I wonder if shes really low would it be better to only AA so you don’t damage yourself but honestly if you’re low it doesn’t damage you as much and you’re probably better off just doing as much damage as possible. Just seems kinda useless and missed as an idea.

They could just raise the WP scaling of his basic attacks no?

His A (on cp) doesnt really affect his basic attacks since you should be focusing on his bounces but the Basic Atk reduction on his A really effects his WP more.

B and C is more for his CP path, while for WP, you just use B for the A and the ult just to silence.